Neat Neighborhood Find: The Hitching Post

I have been meaning to write about this fantastic restaurant bar/restaurant for ages. Located at 200 Upshur St, right across the street from El Limeno, The Hitching Post is that intimate neighborhood bar you have been looking for. It probably seats 25 on a very good day. But what really sets this place apart is the atmosphere. I had the opportunity to chat with the owners who were as nice and welcoming as you could ever wish for. (Ed note: I will profile them for an upcoming “profile of a Petworthian”) It turns out the Hitching Post is celebrating its 40th anniversary! It is an absolute must that you check out their juke box. If you like Charlie Bird, Vic Damone, Marvin Gaye, Mingus, The Four Freshmen – you are really in for a treat. The beers are cold and the portions are gigantic. If you are on a diet it is probably not the place for you. Even if you are not hungry it is a great place for a cold beer. The conversations are always lively. This is the “Cheers” of Petworth. There is no pretension here. There are cold Budweisers, sports banners, good conversations and a great juke box. What else do you need?

A side note: I spoke with two nice guys from the neighborhood who tipped me to a rumor that an Ethiopian restaurant is in the works for Georgia Ave. and Allison St. stay tuned…

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  • I’m not sure what you ate there, but the one time I went there was horrifying. It was on a weekday afternoon. I ordered the gumbo, my friend ordered the cheeseburger. The gumbo came out and looked like a grey/green gelatinous mass….a disturbing color, and the taste was hard to describe. ….not bad, but no where near good. The gumbo came out and then we waited for about 10 minutes for the burger to come out….it was huge, but it was on two pieces of bread, and again, wasn’t good. What is up with bringing one dish out, and then making the other person at the same table wait for 10 minutes? Also, the day we went, the bar was covered in assorted junk/supplies…..the smell of the place when I walked in was like a greasy old person’s home….which, I guess is what it is.. Please do tell…what do you order there?

  • I had two bottles of Budweiser. I have eaten there in the past, and I’ve had the hamburger. We are not talking about fine dining here but we are talking about a wonderful spot to grab a beer and some grub. This place is about the atmosphere and the good vibes all around.

  • I’ve been there once and I loved it, but its defintiely not the type of place I can go to often. I’d heard a million great things about their fried chicken, so this past spring I walked up there on a Saturday afternoon and ordered the 1/2 fried chicken.

    The Hitching Post uses Chernobyl chickens. My half chicken had 3 legs, 2 breasts, and like 4 thighs. It took an hour to get our food and I think our appetizers may have come at an odd time. I don’t know — I had a bunch of beers while I waited…anyway, the chicken was AWESOME. I didn’t finish it, no normal person could eat that much chicken, but it was great.

    As for spotty service — it sort of added to the charm…I felt like I was in someone’s dining room and knew I was being cooked for with special care.

    I heartily endorse The Hitching Post — their chickens may have more appendages than normal ones, but damn they taste good.

  • This is awesome–with comments like this, I have to try this place! Plus, sitting in one of those booths watching life on Upshur go by sounds sweet.

  • definitely.
    those booth seats are tremendous.

  • This picture alone has sold me.

  • The Hitching Post was a favorite of Phyllis Richman, the Washington Post food critic before Tom Sietsma. I believe she particularly liked the trout.

  • I have to agree with the positive comments. I was one of the guys there last night, and I feel stupid for waiting 4 years to go there. We had been informed about the sometimes long wait times and so had planned ahead and enjoyed the cold beers at the bar and the music while we waited (those people complaining about wait times at Domku would have had a hissy here).

    We got our food to go — and you’re spot on about the huge portions and the Chernobyl chickens. Our two meals filled 2 large paper grocery bags and a plastic one. The chicken dinner filled 2 styrofoam containers (and had about 4 wings, I think). The other meal was a 20-piece deep fried scallops. The meals included an entire head of steamed broccoli, really good mac and cheese, an entire container of fries, 2 complete ears of corn, 2 hoagie-style bread loaves, and enough sauces and butter on the side for a week.

    The owners were very nice and friendly and apologetic about the wait, so maybe they included extra to say sorry. They also gave us 2 jars of sliced peaches — just because.

    No wonder they’ve been in business for 40 years.

  • What do you order there? Fried chicken. Greens. Killer mac and cheese. And a Slim Fast for later.

    Seriously, this is a soul food joint. I suppose gumbo falls under that category, but really, if you ain’t ordering chicken or pork chops or ribs, you’re in the wrong place.

    One thing about good home-cooked soul food: it takes a while to prepare if you’re gonna do it right, and the very nice couple who run the restaurant are getting on in years. They can only move so fast — but once they do, it’s worth the wait. So if you’re expecting to run in for a quick bite or a quick take-out order, you’ll be disappointed. If you’re willing to be patient, you won’t stop going back.

  • The food was heaven. I had heard about the long waits before going but, the thing is, they clearly warned us before ordering and remained apologetic before and after. I found that lovely. So, we sat back, drank beers, and enjoyed the evening. Food for days. The quantity was almost comical. Absolutely delicious. The place looks like it’s been serving customers for years. A comforting feel to it. The owners were very nice and chatty.

  • We met with our loan officer there to sign papers to buy our home in Petworth. Chowed on mac and cheese, fried chicken, gumbo and drinks and talked about how we could just roll our asses down Upshur home once a week for the rest of time. Yum.

  • Eat the fried shrimp!!!! I ate at the HP over a year ago and I am still telling people about the fried shrimp.

  • I just ate the most delicious BLT there. I had to scrape a bit of the mayo off, but the bacon was fresh off the grill, the tomatoes were juicy (Hanover tomato juicy for anyone who knows them), the beer was cold, they had the game on and my waitress was extremely nice. I’ll be there again.

    Now for the Redskins Ravens game, call it and be done!

  • My husband and I went there one night. He got some sort of ham hock soup concoction, I got a BLT. I will concur that it kind of smell like a greasy old person’s house… but- if this is possible- in a good way.

    The food was great, the Bud Lite was cold and perfect.

    Our waitress was lovely and I definitely felt like I was at a friend’s house with someone cooking for me.

    Certainly not heart healthy, but you can almost taste the love in the food.

  • I moved into Petworth not long ago and have been lurking for a time. After reading the comments here I just had to say something. Are the folks in this particular thread that find “…spotty service — it sort of added to the charm”, and “smell like a greasy old person’s house… but- if this is possible- in a good way” any of the same people that blast other neighborhood eateries for lesser infractions? I’m curious, what is the standard here. What makes spotty service charming in one place and unbearable in another? When is a greasy smell ever good when food is involved? If the dining room is like that what is the kitchen like?

    Don’t beat me up…just curious.

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