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Blurry tacos, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

but I had to share with you the greatest tacos I’ve ever eaten in my life. I was a little upset about the pizza controversy so I decided to grab a bite at a place I know we all love. El Limeno on the 200 block of Upshur is the greatest! I had shrimp, steak, and chicken tacos for $8.95 and the service was impeccable. So if you haven’t been to El Limeno yet, you are insane. It is really that good. Unassuming on the outside but ridiculously good food on the inside.

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  • I’m telling you, if you like Mexican food, Salvadoran food is even better. It’s less spicy but still quite tasty. And while we’re singing the priases of El Limeño, let’s not forget Petworth’s own El Torogoz (Cuzcatleco). I love their carne asada. Both restaurants, which will also do carry outs, have great pupusas. Salvadoran immigrants “apprentice” working in DC restaurants, learn the cooking and the trade, save money and open their own. Gonna get me some tacos.

  • Dude, PoP, get a Nokia N73, N95 or a E90 (the latter two a bit pricy but awesome) to get some clearer pics when on the run.. your cell phone is ready for the cell phone heaven. 🙂

  • Seriously, I mean with all the ad dollars you’re getting from this blog, you should be livin’ high on the hog!!!

    I keed I keed.

  • Haha.. no its all the dollars he must have anyway, being an evil gentrifier! ;D

  • I too love El Limeno. It is one friendly place with great food to match! BUT…I will never eat at El Torogoz ever, ever, ever again. (did I mention never, ever?)I had dinner there when I first moved to Petworth and I got the WORST case of food poisening! I was in bed for two days. Almost had to go to the hospital. Enough for me to highly not recommend the place.

  • toby: Your spot on about Salvadorian food. It’s good, but it is generally way too bland for me. This is why I think Salvadorian places are usually so medicore at making Mexican food. The general assumption seems to be that all food south of the Rio Bravo is the same. It isn’t at all.

    I’ve been at El Limeno twice and had two dishes. One was shrimp in an entomatada sauce (tomato sauce) which was very well done if not mouth-blisterin’ spicy, and the other time I stuck with the Salvadorian side and had popusas. I plan to eventually get around to the true test by trying their enchiladas… but I want to take my time since I’m dreading having to let y’all what I think of them.

    And finally, a “non-spicy” carne asada?!?

  • It looks like someone already beat me to it, but…

    Who thinks we should start a “buy the PoP a decent camera so he can use his phone for what it was made for – talking” fund.

    Ah, camera phones. A handheld device that does nothing particularly well.


  • If you like tacos, go to the D.F. on 14th Street, north of the Tivoli about three blocks or so.

    Best tacos inside the District in my opinion. The tortas are very good too.

  • dcdireworlf: you’ve touted D.F. a couple of times now, do they give you a free michelada everytime you mention their name? 😉

  • Yes, PoP, a low-end or used digital camera will give you much better resolution in your photos than even a good cameraphone.

    Here’s a picture of tacos from Taqueria Distrito Federal:
    They don’t look very good, I just threw them on a plate from the takeout bag, but they tasted delicious!

  • It seems like whenever Salvadorans open a restaurant or a carry -out, they always say they’re serving Salvadoran and Mexican food. I have a theory as to why they say they’re serving Mexican food. They realize that Mexican food is much more familiar to North Americans than Salvadoran food.

  • Another great place for tacos and you better speak Spanish, is Gloria’s on 14th Street. It’s a hole in the wall, a little Salvadorn carry-out. Tacos de res (beef tacos) are great on a soft tortilla.

  • odentex, if only they had micheladas, I don’t think they serve alcohol, which is nice because actual women go in there. have you ever noticed that a lot of the latino places that serve alcohol are only full of men? I guess a lot of the women are back in the home countries.

    anyway, I digress, no, I don’t work for or have any monetary interest in the D.F., I just really like the place. We do say hi to the owner when he’s around because he’s a nice guy, but that’s about it. I just miss the variety of good mexican joints I had when i lived in Los Angeles, and this place is almost the only one that comes close so I want it to succeed.

  • Not in the Petworth/CH/U St. area, but La Plaza on Pennsylvania in southeast is very, very good. Love the salsa. And Henry, the owner, is exceptionally friendly.

  • I had my first experience at El Limeno last night, and I loved it. The food was very good, in addition to the service, though we were the only table. I tried the tacos and had a margarita. Both were wonderful. They may need to work on the music a bit. I liked the Spanish songs, but when the techno kicked in, it killed the mood a bit. Everyone should go there to keep this great place in business.

  • Am I allowed to talk here? Gillian again. This is one of my new favorite places. I love this place. The owner is my neighbor…we’re the ones on the block with the diesel trucks that everyone on the block groans at when we rumble up the street. Try the chicharon with salsa verde taco…I could live on it. That kitchen staff works the hardest in town. And it shows. I hear he is opening another spot in U street corridor.

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