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  • I will confess something (I don’t think I’ve confessed it here before, but forgive me if I have): I despise fake shutters that don’t look size-appropriate to the windows they adorn. I know real, functioning shutters are usually cost-prohibitive, but if you’re going to use ornamental shutters, I think they should look like they could cover the entire window they abut.

    This week’s house of the week isn’t too bad of an offender of the faux shutter look (and clearly the home is lovingly cared for, so I don’t mean to call them out specifically, as the house really does look beautiful overall). The shutters by the double windows stand out as most fake looking to me, though I suppose real shutters for double windows would fold in somehow and appear as one shutter head-on.

    Anyway, that’s my mini-rant of the day…

  • I think that is good point actually. I hadn’t thought of that before. But overall I do think the shutters are a nice touch. There is another house getting renovated near me that has just added faux shutters, now I’ll take a look to see how realistic they look.

  • Actually I played with the picture of this week’s house of the week in photoshop, and the shutters do look like they’re size-appropriate for these windows (assuming real shutters for the double windows would fold out when closed). So I retact criticism of this particular case of faux shutters!

    Obviously real shutters are more expensive and probably require more maintenance over time, but I nonetheless love authentic, working shutters….

  • Americans don’t use shutters much. It’s funny that we’re so different from people in other countries (i.e. Europe) who want to shut out every ray of light until they wake up the next morning.

  • shutters are not appropriate for these houses. they never had them and wouldn’t have had them. they look like a cheap and tacky addition. and don’t get me started on that door… ugh all around. people with no taste and easy access to home depot = bad.

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