Have you got $1,395,000 to spare

Sick house for sale, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This house is ridiculously awesome on Park Road right east of Red Rocks. It is huge. Apparently it was asking almost $1.4 mil on the sign out front but that was whited out. So what is it going for now? Do you think this mansion can go that high? I think it is absolutely badass and if I ever hit the power ball I may but a serious bid on it.

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  • Asking price is way too high.

    I am more curious about the constriction going on next door, located right on Sherman.
    Is that would be another ugly looking vinyl-siding addition?

  • It was reduced 10 $1,150,000 yesterday. Its unfortunate that this price range happens to be the hardest hit in the market right now.

  • umm.. not so unfortunate for those of us who wish there was a safe place in DC to buy a nice starter house for the not-so-crazy price of $300,000 or so. Back where I’m from, that’s what a luxury home would cost. Here–maybe an efficiency condo in that Hampshire House on Georgia?

  • It all depends on how long the owner can service his current debt on that property and pay taxes on it (assuming it doesn’t have a homestead exemption).

  • “Its unfortunate that this price range happens to be the hardest hit in the market right now.”

    Yep… we all are boo-hoo’ing for millionaires and their real estate agents in a neighborhood where people (as reported elsewhere) are living under porches. {sniffle}

  • This house is not quite the mansion it appears to be from the front…If you take a closer look you will realize that it has tons of fancy amenities including a HUGE flat screen to push the price up.It is actually a VERY shallow house that does not go all the way back to the alley. Take a look in the window at night….

  • Anon: You better stop peeping in windows at night in this neighborhood, some of the residents here will call the cops on you and throw all of your stuff in the garbage.

  • I’ve been through the house. It is gorgeous, but extremely awkward. It is narrow, the rooms strange and the back of the house is very dark with views of brick walls.

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