Gunfire in Petworth last night?

From the Petworth Yahoo Listserv comes this disturbing report:

“I can tell you what it was, as we saw it happening. The 10 – 20 shots in rapid succession? That was 2 teenagers riding bikes down the alley. (That’s the large square alley behind the Safeway. They were riding along the part behind 10th St. that runs N-S.) One had a gun that he was shooting into the air. It was a handgun. We could see the muzzle flashes.

We called the police. I don’t know if they responded, as the kids were on bicycles heading out of the alley. We did give a description and tell the police which way they were heading until the got out of sight.”

Hmm, maybe the Petworth soccer team won an important match?

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  • I doubt it was soccer. They didn’t look like soccer fans.

    So frustrating – this is the first time I’ve seen something this bad, but I fear it won’t be the last. There seems to be a rise in criminal behavior, more than the usual summer bump, in the last few years.

  • a rise in criminal behavior? are you kidding? here is a quote from the Wikipedia Washington DC Crime section:

    “During the violent crime wave of the early 1990s, Washington, D.C. was known as the “murder capital” of the United States,[48] and often rivaled New Orleans in the high number of homicides. Homicides peaked in 1991 at 482, but the level of violence declined drastically in the 1990s. In 2006, there were 169 murders in the city.[49] Once plagued with violent crime, many D.C. neighborhoods, such as Columbia Heights, are becoming safe and vibrant areas as a result of gentrification”

  • Nope, not kidding.

    Oh, and I don’t accept Wikipedia as authoritative.

    Yes, the number of murders is down. But that’s citywide. I’m talking about crime in my immediate neighborhood.

  • And is not like 169 MURDERS is a good record… 🙂 🙁

    Oh well, thank god and jesus as well that we can soon all have guns in our homes.. isn’t that just swell.. [And yes, I am being sarcastic. Hope that court decision gets overturned.]

  • If you are not satisfied with Wiki you can go look at the crimemaps at the DC police website. Things are slightly up in the 4D from last year, but not that much.

    But, as I have said before, it’d be nice to see MPD rolling on patrol more often in the 4D…

    … except when I’m doing bad stuff.

  • Do you live in Petworth or CoHi? My mom used to work at the Woodner when it was still a hotel and my dad was a cop in the late 60’s (I accept them both as experts on our neighborhood) and they will tell you the same thing. My dad’s cop friends wouldn’t even come up here alone back then. It’s no secret, crime is down in DC and our neighborhoods.

  • Around what time did this take place? I am pretty sure we heard this–or other gunfire around 11:30 last night. It was definitely not just a shot or two.

  • Sometime after 11:20 and before 11:40.

  • A week or two ago I was sitting inside pretty late and heard quite a few shots outside, but didn’t see anything when I looked out.

    Noticed a couple days ago that we now have nice new bullet hole adorning our front column.

  • Geeez….maybe I should have bought a house over in Brookland instead!

  • oh christ on a bike, you didn’t just say ‘cohi’ did you, project kb. do me a favor: slap yourself next time you do that…

  • why? what’s wrong with CoHi?

  • “Geeez….maybe I should have bought a house over in Brookland instead!”

    It’s a nice neighborhood…and not much happens over here (in terms of violent crime) that I’m aware of.

  • Um, not to scare people but c’mon. Just this week a woman in Brookland was raped in her home and then forced to remove money from various ATMs. A more heinous crime I can not think of. And that happened in Brookland. I’m sorry to share this brutal incident but this was a huge story this week. You can read the story here.

  • So how do you do sarcasm in type? Do you have to use italics? I am totally happy to be living in Petworth…I think it is by far the best neighborhood in DC. No one can claim the harmony among the diverse population we can!

  • “why? what’s wrong with CoHi?”

    The same thing that’s wrong with “DuLo”–it’s just silly.

  • Someone has stolen *two* cans of Off! mosquito spray from the front porch. Lil’ Gal is hopping mad about it too, so whoever did it better be careful because she is M-E-A-N!

  • I have the same problem with CoHi as I do with SoFlo.

    It was stupid when New Yorkers did it (SoHo); don’t fall into the trap of repeating it for the sake of “hip.”

  • see here for several years of 4th district crime statistics,a,1239,q,545471,mpdcNav_GID,1537.asp

    I have seen stats going back 10 years and the decline is amazing (some crimes are like 10% of what they were 10 yrs ago). But here they only give a few years b/c the boundaries of the 4th district changed. if I find the older data i’ll post a link

  • oh gawd, it’s so hard to keep up with what are appropriately bloggy monikers for my neighborhood anymore. it barely leaves time for wishing i lived in an adjacent neighborhood and being terrified of my neighbors. wikipedia is so last year.

  • Susan and Trash: Right On

    Anonymous: Get a name and/or stop referring to my posts

    imgoph: When is it appropriate to tell someone to “slap yourself”. I have no intention of slapping myself. I think you should apologize.

    CoHi: You are a wonderful neighborhood and I loved living and working here.

    PoP: Thanks for letting me express my opinions without being censored.

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