Gallery Place Goes Wicked Hi-Tech

Gallery Place Hi tech, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This thing absolutely looks like it is from the future. Now at Gallery Place you can check what time the train is coming before you enter the station. I dig it but I just kept staring at it because I was pretty sure a movie was about to come on.

I wonder if you are going to start to see people booking down the escalators when they see their train is arriving in 1 minute. I envision an accident for sure and possibly a lawsuit…

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  • They tried that for a bit in my home city, and took it down exactly for that reason – people starting running down the escalators like mad cows…

  • They’re not showing trains arriving within, uh, I forget how long, to avoid exactly that problem.


  • POP – Just thought you should be reminded that your borrowing of the word “wicked” only pays tribute to that wonderful gem of our nation, New England, which you have purported to despise… 😉
    Dunkin Donuts and wicked – see, it’s not all bad.

  • Ha! I knew someone was going to catch that. Well played…

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