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So we’ve talked a lot about 11th Street lately. 11th St. is home to some of my favorite places, Columbia Heights Coffee, Red Rocks, Wonderland, 11th St. Deli and soon home of the Warehouse. I mention this because the street itself reminds me an awful lot of Upshur St. Both streets seem to have a similar mix of residential rowhouses peppered with businesses. So my question is: Does Upshur St. have the potential to become the next 11th St.? Do we want Upshur to become like or attract the same businesses as 11th St.?

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  • Yes.

    Btw, the theater & gallery parts of the Warehouse Theater are not coming to 11th and Park (restaurant/cafe and music venue yes).

  • no i don’t think so. the development at 11th and park is a spillover from the investments made on 14th, only 3 blocks away. upshur, on the other hand, is far removed from any of the investments that are supposed to come in at new hampshire and georgia and on lower georgia. in addition, much of the investments in columbia heights are from a focused attempt at tod (transit oriented developmnet). given that there is no direct transit around upshur, it’s unlikely that the city will invest in the area the way they did with columbia heights.

  • By the way, I checked out the 11th St. Deli after all the hype it got here and was disappointed.

    It seems like it’s a one-person shop and that’s cool and I respect it. But when I think of the proper deli we were told about, i think of more substantial and authentic sandwiches than the one I got.

    That said, it looks like it might have promise as a hangover-helper type of breakfast place with all the breakfast sandwiches…but for lunch, you can do better.

  • No direct transit around Upshur? Upshur and Georgia is only what, five blocks away from New Hampshire and Georgia. Does that count as ‘far removed’?

  • I think Upshur will eventually attract more businesses like 11th. The Shell station is going to be torn down and turned into apartments and a YES! Organic Market. It is only a 10 minute walk to Upshur from the Metro, and the Murrell Building has been bought and is going to be turned into a local store/restaurant. I think it has the ability to be a thriving little neighborhood hotspot, including the places that are already there.

  • It better become BETTER than 11th street! Why does Colmbia Heights get all the good stuff? When is our turn!! We totally need more hangout / cafe / restaurant / convience shopping / store fronts / gyms / enteretainment in our hood! Am I asking too much? 🙂

  • The 60 bus goes up and down Upshur, so it’s not far removed from anything even if you don’t want to walk from the metro station.

  • I definitely don’t think Upshur is far removed from anything. Especially after the projects along Georgia Ave. kick in. It’s a 5-6 block walk from the Metro. More importantly, it would be great for those residing in Petworth who wouldn’t be coming from a metro stop. Regardless, there are plenty of bus route options to get you there quickly. Domku and El Torogoz (sp?) are great additions I frequent often, and I hope for more like them.

  • Up-shurs!

    With all the many different competing neighborhoods looking for investment in this city, it’s gonna take upshur a lot longer than other areas, but eventually, it’ll pack in an 11th street aura.

  • A related question: do we think Georgia Ave generally will be spruced up, as has been said time and again?

  • I think this discussion is so funny as a CH’er living on 10th st whose been waiting for 11th st to get developed. Now it seems to be the hot thing. I remember when it was just Wonderland…I remember when there wasn’t even Wonderland! Can’t wait on the development on Georgia and NH to get into full swing. Do you think it will bring more cabs to the area? It sucks to have to argue with cabbies…

  • I agree with Sunshine about the cabs….

    I really do hope that Upshur takes on an 11th street aura. What fun! What ever happened to the bakery?

  • Invisible Sun,

    the detailed engineering design and costing of the Georgia Ave street space reconstruction should take place over this winter, and construction start sometime late next summer (2008).

    Whether the timeline will hold and at what speed the reconstruction of the street space will advance remains to be seen of course.

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