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WTOP reports that DDOT is considering ways to ease parking on U Street. There is a lively debate going on over at DCist. So I thought we should add our own two cents. Do you think angled parking is a good idea for U Street? Or are we so close that it doesn’t really affect us?

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  • What they should really do is remove parking and widen the sidewalks to encourage walking, biking and use of public transport.. and perhaps allow someone build a parking house somewhere (so as not to just be nasty to all car lovers) around the corner. That’s what they should have also done on M St in Georgetown.

  • Problem is, if they get rid of the parking, people will just end up taking more neighborhood spots on T and V streets, and that would absolutely suck for the residents. I’m sure they’re already dealing with this. I like the idea of a parking garage, but it would have to be cheap/free because wouldn’t you park on the street if it were free versus parking in an expensive lot?

    It’s a tough call all around.

  • Stop letting all these clubs set up valet parking. It encourages people to drive there and it clogs the streets while cars are double parked waiting to get dropped off/picked up.

  • Blow-up all cars in the District (except mine).

  • The best solution would be subterranean parking – however, that’s often cost prohibitive.

  • Ideal would be to convert the “rent a storage” building between.. err.. is it 14th and 15th? And you can at least limit parking in residential streets by cutting allowed parking time to non-sticker holders.

    Plus I am not necessarily talking the whole street, but oh how nice it would be have a block (or one side of a block) here and there with nice wide sidewalk with sidewalk table seating for restaurants..

    One can dream.

  • make the bridge and tunnel crowds leave their suv’s and such at home… the metro… heard of it?

  • Ruben: We could tax’em too. They do that in London, I believe. Also, I think they have special permits that only allow commuters to drive in certain areas on certain days.

    Personally, I’d like to see a law that forced every Virginia resident to get out of their car and do a little jig before continuing into DC… it wouldn’t help with parking, but it would make me happy to see Virginians do a little dance for us.

    Maybe I’ll run for council with that as my primary policy plank.

  • ooohhh–I HATE the angled parking in Adams Morgan, it’s dangerous, and people park badly, and then people double park and that effectively takes up three lanes!

    We;re not going to get rid of cars in the district–I love the idea of widening sidewalks AND building a parking garage!

  • odentex. you are so right on the money.i hate to say that i applaud every time i see one of our city’s un failingly polite meter maids ticketing a aryland and/or virginia car.. ive even made one or two of them smile when i yell -‘get ’em. this is as close as we can get to a commuter tax!”

  • A friend who lives in Adams Morgan had a good suggestion for improving the parking situation for residents. Instead of doing two hour parking for nonresidents during the day, there should be time restrictions on parking at night when the people who live there actually need to park. That would also probably limit parking by clubgoers.

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