EL Haynes Charter school Georgia and Otis

Another Charter School is coming to Petworth. I heard someone register an interesting issue about this particular location. It is located not too far from a strip club and a liquor store. Should make for some interesting extracurricular activities, no?

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  • What are the regulations on that particular issue (i.e. school proximity to liquer stores)? Or are there any?

  • There’s a yoga studio there, too… maybe the kids can learn yoga. the strip club, presumably, isn’t on during school hours? Or am I just hopelessly naive about strip clubs?

  • I’m pretty sure it’s a senior center. Still not the kind of place that should be next to the Bada Bing/Booty stank. I’m not sure of this but do remember at some point reading about a senior center coming to G. Ave.

  • The senior center will be on the other side of Ga Ave, if my memory is correct. But the kiddies will also get to be really close to the new Mission shelter. So does this school have a focus curriculum? Are they trying to attract children whose parents dream of raising social workers or something?

  • The regulation question is a good one… in most cities “adult” businesses have to be 1000 ft or more away from schools, churches, etc. Dunno about DC.

  • Odentex,

    thanks.. hmm. Makes one wonder – assuming DC has some such rule. If it does and its enforced, this would mean that the licenses for the two “adult oriented” business would not get renewed (or might even get revoked), right?

  • “Not too far” is an understatement. One liquor store literally abuts it on the north wall and the strip club is literally a few steps to the south. There are laws for the proximity of such establishments to schools however I don’t believe they apply to previously established businesses…only incoming ones.

    I have to think, the school knows more than we do about long range plans. Otherwise, the choice of location makes absolutely no sense.

    And yes, strip clubs are open during the daytime. It’s not just a night time affair…check out K St and others. Strip club patrons, including businessmen need lunchtime entertainment, too.

    I’m hoping the school’s presence along with the senior centre will impact the community in a positive way. I live a block away…keeping my fingers crossed.

  • I think there’s an exemption for businesses that were already there before a school moved in.

  • We have a very popular yoga club at my school. It is run by 2 teachers. Perhaps the school could reach out to the studio for before/after school activities…. a win-win for everyone?

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