Does anyone have a pick up truck or SUV?

Library Bookshelf, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

There is a gentleman at the Old Soldier’s Home that has 200 books to donate to the Petworth library. You can see from this photo that they could really use the donations. So, let’s help the gentleman out and hook up the library. If you have smaller donations you’d like to make, just drop them off at the library next time you go.

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  • P.o.P.

    I’d love to help. Have me a big red truck to use too.

  • Nice! Thanks Wayan. I’ll see when we can make the pick up and I’ll shoot you an email to arrange schedules.

  • Come on, 200 books does not require a pick up or SUV.. no wonder too many of them are on the roads, if couple of hundred books is thought to require a damn truck… 🙂

  • I think it’s great that as a community we’re willing to donate books to the Petworth library. I too, will do so. But it makes me wonder why? Shouldn’t the city be funding all the libraries so that none have woefully empty shelves like our Petworth’s? Are the other libraries across the city filled with books because their neighbors donated them? Just curious.

  • I’m fairly certain that the picture from PoP was for the donated books area. These donated books are not for check out from the library but simply for folks to take as a donation.

    But yes, there certainly does need to be better book selection at Petworth. Keep in mind, from what I understand, the more folks that check out books, the more funding the library gets. So, everyone, start checking out books and if the Petworth branch doesn’t have it, make a request to get it from another branch!

  • Anon. That is not true. This picture is of a normal shelf of books that can be checked out. An employee that worked their assured me that they take donations not simply to give away. I’ll double confirm though. Thanks.

  • I think it’s great the gentleman would like to donate his books but
    he may want to check with the library first, just to be sure what they accept–especially before he gets a truck etc.

  • A few things from someone who knows:

    1) Yes, the library will accept donated books, however don’t expect to see them on the shelves. All donations are sold either in the branches or downtown, or online. That money is then (generally) used to buy new stuff. It kind of depends if the branch has a Friends group or not.

    Now, you’re probably wondering why donated books don’t go on the shelf… The reason is processing. Anything that goes on the shelf has to be processed, both physically (clear cover added, barcode added, etc.) and electronically (added to the catalog). This take time, which as we all know, equals money (via employee salaries) — and most library systems in the country find that it’s simply too expensive to process donations to put them on the shelf.

    2) The reason Petworth’s shelves are relatively bare is that that branch recently underwent a vigerous “weeding” campaign. That means that the entire collection was looked at, and books that were outdated (in terms of content) or underutilized (in broad terms, hadn’t been checked out in a long time — like years), were removed. This is a standard practice in public libraries, allbeit one that DCPL is just starting to get a handle on. Normally, when you weed, the shelves aren’t left this bare. However, due to the relative neglect of the collection (across the system), there’s a lot of old stuff in all the branches that needs clearing out.

    Anyway, that’s the short answer for all of this…

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