Cop at the Heights

Cop at the Heights, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I saw a cop positioned right outside the Heights the other evening. I was happy to see him there. So what do you think: Do the new restaurants opening up in Columbia Heights have an arrangement with the Metropolitan Police Department for regular patrols? Have you noticed more police around the Petworth/Columbia Heights night spots?

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  • I left a friend’s house on Irving right near 14th last night at about 12:30 am…

    we walked down to the corner of 14th and irving in front of the CVS, and there was a cop standing right there on the corner….

    it felt good….

  • A neighborhood is safer if cops get out of their cars and walk the beat. I hope there is more community policing in the area, but so far I’ve just seen more police cars (parked)–I haven’t seen more on the street.

  • I haven’t noticed it here but when I was growing up in New Orleans, EVERY restaurant/drug store/you name it/ had a cop in front. Heck, some people would hire a cop for their private parties. Aww shucks, now I’m homesick.

  • Mayhaps it’s to keep control of the irate customers, which I’ve certainly been at The Heights a few times.

  • i visited moroni & brother’s pizza last week, and there were two cops standing at the corner of georgia and decatur. they were gone when we left though. we arrived around eight, left around nine.

  • Binkles, why have you been an irate customer?? (Are you saying I’m not the only one who doesn’t think that the Heights is the next best thing since sliced bread)?
    As for the cops, there is definitely an increased presence around the neighborhood. However, on more than one occasion, I thought someone was a cop from a distance, and he turned out to be a private security guard with a really fancy uniform that looked, ummm, suspiciously just like a police uniform. I don’t know how I feel about that.

  • There was a cop planted outside Moroni Brothers this evening.

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