Care to Speculate: Oromo Center

It looks like the Oromo Center on Upshur is getting a needed facelift. Anyone know what is going on here? Is it the Center getting upgraded or is another business moving in? What is the Oromo Center any way?

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  • Just yesterday I was speaking with an Ethiopian cashier in another part of town. He reminded me that Ethiopia has other tribal groups (his words) besides the Amharic speaking peoples, and of course the Eritreans, who are independent. He mentioned people speaking Oromo. I always figured that structure on Upshur was perhaps an Ethiopian storefront church. Any other ideas?

  • check the DC permits issued in the last few months – assuming they’re doing everything legal.

    you can tell what permits they have applied for….

  • No! Poo Poo! We don’t actually want to do work here! Pshaw! We want someone to come along and speculate at best.

  • ok, ok. i speculate that it will be a… ummm….corner shop that sells singles? (kidding).

    i bet it’ll be something a bunch more than we all expect.

    the leases aren’t getting any cheaper. for someone to do something right there… they have to have a decent business model, and after the latest paycheck caps (99 cents per one hundred dollars – funny, my computer has dollar signs, but no CENT symbols!), i doubt it’ll be a paycheck joint.

    my bet is that it’ll be a wicked cool wine shop that sells fresh grapes from around the world. the kind that the wines are made from.


    heck, i dunno. but i bet it’ll be cool. you know i’ll check all my sources to figure this one out.

    if you could open a joint there, what kind of joint would you open?

  • what would PoP open there?!

  • Two words: Ping-Pong. Or is that one word?

  • The Oromo are by many counts the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia. I think it is just a community center for the Oromo community in the area.

    There is actually an Oromo Liberation Front that wants an independent Oromo (the current government of Ethiopia discriminates against people from Oromiyya and really all regions besides Tigray and Amhara).

    Somewhere near the convention center there is a Tigrean cultural center as well.

  • How about an icehouse?

  • Does anyone know what Beveragemania is going to be like yet?

  • Hey PoP,

    Ever been to Comet on Conn. at Neb.?

    Best ping-pong bar ever!!

  • The Oromo Center used to be a bodega but a couple of years ago turned into a community center for Oromo folks here in DC. My understanding was that the founder created the center as a labor of love, but unfortunately died the same week it happened. I don’t know if his legacy has continued as he intended.

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