BBQ Night at 11th St. Deli

Well, I’m not sure if it is every night and I’m not sure if it is good but it is a new development. Unfortunately they continue to use substandard signage… Has anyone tried their bbq night?

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  • They have a different theme every night. The cook has a lot of great ideas and makes the most simple dishes with such care.

    So glad they finally got those umbrellas!

  • Last night was MAXICAN FOOD night!

  • A quick comment about signage: Yes, a decent-looking sign costs a decent amount of money (relatively speaking), but I think there may simply be some simple misunderstanding on the part of new restaurant/cafe owners as to the importance of a good looking sign. A lot of effort is placed into the quality of the food, service, and interior decor (rightfully so), but a fact that may be consistently neglected is that–for the overwhelming majority of people out and about–their only experience with a new establishment may be their impression of the restaurant’s sign/exterior. I’m sure I’m not the only one who garners a subpar impression of an establishment when the only signage I see is a vinyl banner.

  • Right on, these signs are seriously lacking. I keep reading rave reviews of El Limneo but have yet to go in….honestly, their drooping temporary vinyl sign just ain’t doin’ it for me.

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