ANSWER Aftermath

ANSWER Aftermath, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

On my walk to the metro this morning I encountered some folks from the DPW who were tearing down those damn ANSWER poster graffiti. Forget the fine, the ANSWER people should be forced to remove the posters instead of our DPW folks who surely have better things to do. I spoke and watched for a few minutes with the workers and let me tell you it is not easy to remove them. This whole thing is a shame, a pure shame.

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  • THey need to fine them more and agreed that they should have to remove the signe themselves. Whats up with gluing posters to things you don’t own anyway??

  • I AGREE! It makes me sick that the ANSWER people are arguing a ‘conspiracy’ against them by DC government and are appealing the fine they received. What a waste of our taxpayer dollars, both to remove their illegal signs and court costs, etc., to defend the imposed fine. ANSWER: you suck.

  • I read in the paper yesterday that the fine has been increased to $20,000 presumably for continued violations. ANSWER has also filed suit against DC for taking down the posters. Absolutely ridiculous.

  • The shame is that DC has decided that streetscape trumps free speech. I’m not surprised though. I’ve lived in a lot of cities before and despite the fact that DC swings heavily democratic: it’s hardly a civil liberty haven. Or particularly attuned to the grass roots and mobilization. It’s a city of structure. Of order. Of top down hierarchy and “knowing your place”. I’ve never so much wanted to be an anarchist since moving into the District. I find the need for order over liberty to be stifling. And as more and more of the creative energy (the real cream of the crop) flows out of the city — I’d say I’m not the only one. Creativity thrives in chaotic environments. I don’t know if its the Republican “revolution” that made DC so boring or an over reaction to terrorism (cf. Republicans) and the chaotic years of Barry administration — but DC feels like a choke collar and the reaction to this ANSWR issue is like a yank on the chain, frankly.

  • Oh give me a break. “Free Speech” doesn’t give you the right to essentially litter all over the damn city. Nor does it give you the right to paste your speech on property that does not belong to you. This is not a hard concept and had ANSWER not been plastering these things all over everything every 5 or 6 months for the past four years and NEVER removing them, perhaps this wouldn’t be an issue. “Free Speech” doesn’t give you the right to be a lout.

  • DC1974 miss me with that BS you’re spouting. All Answer had to do was folo the directions. No one said they couldn’t put the fliers up, all the city said was don’t wallpaper entire neighborhoods with your screed and remove the fliers in a timely fashion. Instead you want to do what you want to do because you want to do it. You sound like children.

  • i was happy to read in the W Post that police arrested to of these ANSWER wankers in lafayette square the other day who defied the cops request to stop doing it.

  • That’s insane. I can’t believe they’re going to these lengths when all they have to do is follow the posting rules. At this point, they have detracted so much from their message that I hope they collapse under the weight of the fines.

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