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  • PoP, I’m sorry to hear that. Two years is a significant chunk of time. I’m sorry things didn’t work out. I’m glad you felt you could share the news with the group here because I think highly of you and I’m sure others do too. We’ve all been there at one time or another. Hang in and be good to yourself.

  • shit, man, i’m sorry. don’t spend too much time drowning your sorrows, but by the same token, take some time for yourself and just try to focus on something else. here’s hoping everything works out for the best!

  • I say ditto to crestwood and imgoph, especially the part about focusing on something else. Maybe it’s time to do a home improvement?

  • A week ago, my boyfriend, also of two years, and I broke up. The worst part for me is telling people, because every time I do I feel as though I

  • i’m sorry Prince–two years is a long time….

  • Now there is nothing stopping you from finishing that KISS-themed rec room you’ve always wanted with the glow-in-the-dark, life-sized, velvet Gene Simmons poster! 😉

  • go buy that washer dryer combo youve been wanting….emotional spending rocks.

    feel better PoP.

  • So sorry to hear. Change is always hard. Honoured that you chose to share this with us.

  • I agree about the washer and dryer. Retail therapy!

  • Well, someone has hijacked my name some how and has chosen to mock me during a difficult time. So, I apologize if you see someone making stupid comments under my name.

  • sorry for your heartbreak.
    be good to yourself.
    as good as spring is to this town.

  • i’ve been there. it truly sucks, and sometimes takes a while to get over it, but eventually, you come to terms with it. it’s the process that sucks/hurts. remember, in a relationship ends it’s always a 50% responsibility thing for BOTH parties, so don’t be too hard on either one of you….

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