A Diamond in our Midst: The Petworth Library

Petworth Library, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Thank you Lisa for asking about the Petworth Library. I had been meaning to check it out for months. I have to tell you, my mind was blown. It was awesome! I got my library card today and it took all of five minutes. This is the first library card I have had in since I as 17. First of all the people who work there are absolutely fantastic. Super nice and welcoming. There is Wifi throughout the library and a number of computers for use as well. Otherwise it is a traditional library with a children’s, adult’s, reference, audio and dvd sections. And let me tell you about the dvd selection it was quite eclectic. I ended up taking out season three of the Wire (which is absolutely badass by the by). The dvds ranged from Family Guy to Alfred Hitchcock to the Simpsons to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas to Bird Flu How Safe are We to Six Feet Under. Totally blew my mind. I am so embarassed that I am just discovering this gem now. The only flaw was that it was a bit spartan and they can certainly use your book donations if you have any to spare (I will remind you again next week.). But the books they did have were super, they even had the Eliot Pearlman book that I’ve been looking forward to reading. So the next time you have five minutes, head down to the library on Georgia and Upshur, get a library card and enjoy!

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  • Was the air conditioning working there? The fans visible in your picture are a bit worrisome in that regard.

  • The air conditioners were working great! And on a 90+ degree day it was much appreciated.

  • The collection may be a little sparse, but you can go online and have any book from the entire DC collection sent to the Petworth branch, so it’s great if you know ahead of time what you want…

  • The Petworth Library staff are so very pleasant and helpful. The Library is a major neighborhood asset that we should not take for granted. Good libraries are temples to me, and this one provides the same level of comfort, familiarity and a feeling of safe haven.

  • I have a couple of hundred books to donate to the Petworth Library. Who should I contact? I live at the AFRH at the end of Upshur Street NW

  • hey libby – do you have a URL for the service you mentioned? that’d be great if you could post it, thanks.

  • Kentarro,
    I know that you can drop them right off at the library. That is a lot of books which is great. Do you have a car? If not, does someone have a pick up or suv that can help with this shipment to the Library? Thanks.

  • I have had very nice interactions with the MLK branch librarians too. When I headed over to the computer to look something up, the librarian said, “Why doesn’t anyone ask librarians for help these days?” and found a nice big stack of books which were exactly what I needed.

    I’d like a clafication as to when and where we can drop off book donations… I’ve been sending extras to the New Orleans library.

  • Bogfrog,

    You can drop books off at the Petworth branch anytime during their regular hours. They are located right at Upshur and Georgia.

  • Anonymous #2: the website where you can look up books and have them sent to other library branches is http://www.dclibrary.org/

    I like our library. I find it pleasant, but better if I’m going not looking for a specific book, since the selection can be limited, as was mentioned. I just browse the stacks for interesting things.

  • I was looking for the latest Harry Potter book and I’m ashamed to say as a Petworth resident I called two other library locations first to see if they had any in stock (they didn’t). I found myself thinking that because the Petworth branch is so small, they’d never have copies available. Lo and behold, they had a copy and held it for me. Very nice staff, a friendly feeling and I hope we only continue to see it grow as our community does. I plan to take all my extra books there to help the effort.

  • I happened to read this entry on my day off with my (4 yr old) daughter at home, so we went right on over to the Petworth Library. It was everything others have already said. They have a terrific children’s section, including many new books, and she applied for and received her own library card. Thanks so much for writing about this branch. I’m embarrassed to say I had assumed it wasn’t worth a visit. To place a hold on a book online, go to http://www.dclibrary.org/index.html, search CityCat 2K (the online catalog) and find the title of the item you wish to reserve. Then click on the Place Hold button on the screen.

  • They have wi-fi too…don’t forget.

    I used to go there and use my laptop when I lived in Petworth and the home ‘Net service was down.

  • I’ve been addicted to the PW library for about a month now.

    A great feature of the D.C. library system is that you can check out books from one library and return them at any library in D.C.
    B/c Cleveland Park has the best neighborhood library, i check out books from there and return them at PW.

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