A Conundrum or Mind My Own Business?

I went to El Limeno tonight to get some of my favorite tacos. The place was, sadly, dead empty. Except for two patrons sitting at the bar. Well, the two patrons were cursing like sailors. Not in a gratuitous way but merely as a matter of fact. So it got me thinking, in a sit down restaurant you usually don’t expect to hear the f word dropped every few seconds. But then again the place was dead empty. So does it really matter? Is cursing loudly bad for a restaurants business? We are not talking about a pub here. Should the owner have said something? I’m really conflicted about this. What do you do when you have patrons cursing loudly in your restaurant?

And go to El Limeno please, if that place doesn’t make it we will be losing a true treasure.

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  • Man…I’d like to think I’d be all “Sirs, sirs! Please lower your voices!” But the truth is I’d probably just leave, or eat quickly and not go back for a while. Maybe a better thing to do is to tell the owner/manager? But I’m not so sure I would have done that, either.

  • I don’t know what you still see in El Limeno. Yes, its a neighbourhood place and therefore I would be sad if it closed, but I have not been impressed by their bland food, its relatively high cost, or the cave-dark decor.

    I’d rather cross the street to the Hitching Post or walk a few blocks to Domku.

  • The Hitching Post is a dusty rat trap and you can keep it Wayan.

  • Wayan: The tacos of which PoP speaks are actually pretty tasty. While not particularly spicy they are not bland at all. Very surprising for a Salvadorian take on Mexican, actually.

    Regarding all the f*@#ing swearing: what’s your f&[email protected] problem, you f*&@ing f@*$face? You don’t like the f&@$ing way me and my f&[email protected] pal F*@#ardo f*@#ing talk? F*#$ sakes.

  • try the lomo saltado….so many flavors…spiced to perfection in my opinion.


  • if a bear poops in the woods and no one is around… does it smell bad?

  • The mgr. is unlikely to have told the bar folks to pipe down b/c if it weren’t for the bar-business, El Limeno would have closed by now. When my wife and I go there, there has never been more than one other table of diners, but there is always someone sitting at the bar.

  • People in general are swearing left, right, and center no matter where I go. Usually, it’s to the person on the other end of their cell phone. I give those people the evil eye but it doesn’t seem to work. However, I think there are bigger problems for us to tackle and it’s probably a 1st amendment issue.

  • No, it’s not a First Amendment issue. The first amendment only applies to the government. El Limeno is not the government, and as such, are free to restrict speech within their space.

  • I find swearing like that really upsetting–my anxiety level goes up and I just feel angry, which is not why I shell out money to go to a nice restaurant. I often go up to someone, put a gentle hand on their arm and say “hey, would you mind keeping it down a bit” rather than mentioning the language itself. But then, as a woman, most men react well to any female attention and comply. I honestly have never done the same to a woman swearing loudly because I doubt it would work… but it’s important to keep it friendly and not accusatory.

  • i feel bad. i curse a lot in restaurants. but i’m funny, and ironic like a good woody allen movie.

  • OK. I can’t take it anymore.

    Lighten up, people. We’re all adults and we can handle a little swearing. Let’s not start the “it’s an epidemic” thing.

    For the record, I don’t think you should be subjected to cuss after cuss after cuss during your meal. That’s just rude behavior. That being said, if the guys at the bar were having a couple of beers and somebody dropped a “fuck” once or twice, no big deal.

  • I feel bad too. I drop the fbomb in almost every sentence, but usually not in public or loud enough for anyone to hear.

    What I do hate is people talking on cell phones in small places where you can hear the entire conversation. I solved my conundrum by joining the conversation. I figure they must want my input right? Wide variety of reactions, but it makes me feel better.

  • This letter to the editor of the W Post regarding a family’s experience at FedEx field brings up the same issue: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/08/29/AR2007082902124.html

  • Pauper, it sounds like PoP said this cussing was more than a few f-bombs. I cuss too, but really, not in public and where someone can hear me and be bothered.

    I honestly think there’s a much larger problem with people not knowing the difference between how they should act in their homes and how they should act in public. People seem to think that no one around them is deserving of any respect. Bring back etiquette! But you don’t want to get me started on that.

  • invisible sun: Erm… they are Redskins fans after all… what did the author expect? Well-reasoned and intelligent discussion of the game? I’m just surprised that most Redskins fans can even get to the stadium without getting lost on the way from their mother’s basement.

  • Great letter to the WaPo. I would be scared to bring a child to most public places these days because of the foul mouths everywhere. I doubt they would stop swearing if they saw a child, elderly person, or any other respected figure

  • odentex, are you kidding? what are you a texans fan, a dallas fan, an oilers fan (oh wait…)?

    if it’s dallas, what an awful fan base…full of bandwagoners who have no heart and don’t know what it’s like to stay with their team throught the thick and thin…if it’s oilers, that’s rough because you had to lose your team and have it replaced by an inferior product so my heart goes out to you

    and as far as the football swearing thing goes, i say don’t take your kids to football games…it’s not family friendly and it never has been…right or wrong, people feel personally tied to their football teams and losses/wins mean much more in the short, 16 game season…you want your younger kids to enjoy a sport first hand? try baseball…much more family-oriented

    not saying it’s right that it’s this way, but it’s this way

  • odentex said…

    invisible sun: Erm… they are Redskins fans after all…

    i would tend to agree, but i did not have a comment. it was just interesting that my two main sources of news, PoP and the W Post, had similar tacks…

  • Actually I was sort of a Houston Earlers fan (that’s what we called ’em when Earl Campbell was knocking them flat), but it was tough because my other loyalty was to the Browns as my family escaped from NE Ohio in the early ’70’s to Texas and the Oilers and Browns were both in the AFC Central (but I got to see the Browns play a lot).

    So after the Oilers AND the Browns were stolen from their respective cities I sort of lost interest in the No Fun League.

    I do like to see the Cowboys lose since Dallas is a pretentious hole of a town that has no business existing, and I still root for the reformed Browns nowadays, but most importantly I still HATE the Steelers more than anything… especially after they STOLE that Superbowl from the Seahawks in what was the WORST officiated game in sports history. I also dislike the Broncos and that smirking goon John Elway.

    I don’t really have an opinion of the ‘Skins since they are so awful it’s hard to even care. I mean, I know they actually won a Superbowl or two, but is there even anyone alive that remembers it? Wasn’t it recorded on stone tablets?

    And Joe Gibbs? I mean, really? They couldn’t dig up Lombardi, polish off his skull, abolish the forward pass, and start running the wishbone?

    Does Joe Gibbs even know what century it is?

    Can he legally collect his ‘Skins paycheck AND Social Security at the same time?

    Isn’t disconcerting for the team when he pulls his pants up around his ears, calls them all “Sonny”, and starts every sentence with “Back during dubya dubya two…”?

    I suppose the only good thing about having Gibbs as a coach is he can share his Alzheimer’s medicine with all of the elderly players the team has.

    Maybe the ‘Skins can get Vick once he turns 50 and is the appropriate age to start as QB for the team.

  • Well at least we both hate Dallas.

    As far as the rest goes, 1991 – that was the last Skins super bowl victory, so yes I remember it. And I love Joe Gibbs. It’s not his fault that Dan Buzzsaw Snyder is the worst owner EVAR!!! And the Steelers, well, the losers always hate the winners.

  • The Steelers didn’t win that game, the refs did. It was shameful.

  • Odentex,

    I’ve got to take issue with your Skins fans comments. For one thing, pretty much any game you go to at FedEx Field is half full of the other team’s fans, particularly the G-Men, Dallas, and Beagles. So the cussing had a 50/50 shot of being some other team’s jerky fans.

    Also Richmonders are notoriously conservative so I wasn’t surprised by the reaction of the letter writer.

    Finally, as a long-suffering bitter Skins fan, you can’t kick a team when they’re down and owned by a guy with a Napolean complex.

  • Kelly: I agree it isn’t fair to hold the Skins to the same standard as a real NFL team… better to compare them to a junior high team… a junior high team with a coach that can remember the civil war.

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