Three words: Chili Cheese Fries

Great news to report from Ben’s Chili Bowl located between 12th and 13th on U Street. Washingtonian magazine reports that they “have their hands on the former nightclub next door and plan to turn it into a second location with a lounge-y vibe and hopefully, a liquor license.”

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  • I don’t know–I feel like successful restaurants that expand never do well post-expansion (I’m speaking from a totaly uneducated point of view based on anectdotal observations). Maybe this’ll be different, as it sounds like the next door place won’t be just an annex to Ben’s, but something pretty different. Hopefully it’ll work; god I love Ben’s….

  • Hope their new place will be less hip hoppy

  • I’m not quite sure what is meant by “hip hoppy”. It’s not just about the food, it’s about the soul of the place. Ben has transformed during the years I’m sure, but the soulfulness has remained. Ben’s isn’t meant to be a bright and shiny establishment. As long as they retain the diner feel, they retain their individuality. I would hate to see it transform into a replica of the trendy new places to hang out.

  • I have a strong feeling s/he meant “less black,” which is not cool at all.

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