Reason # 48 Petworth is Badass

Bike path in Petworth, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

As you can see here Petworth has some very well marked bicycle only lanes. And as you can see here they are far superior to another city’s bike lane.

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  • POP where is this path?

  • This is on Park right next to the Old Soldier’s Home (where 5th St, turns into Park) and then I saw a couple others, I think one is on Warder St. I forget where the third one is.

  • PoP: you aren’t one of those whippersnappers that’s constantly trying to run me down with your fancy bicycle, are you? Bah! kids and their infernal contraptions!

  • I actually don’t ever ride a bike. But damn if I don’t admire those that do. You’ll more likely see me walking around obliviously with headphones sometimes singing along loundly and alway out of tune.

  • it’s actually on Park PLACE, not Park ROAD. …which is kinda obvious if you know that 5th turns into something at the OSH….ok, never mind.

  • On Monday I started commuting by bike from Petworth to 14th and F St. I am happy to report for those going downtown that the bike lane on 11th St. is GREAT! This street isn’t used by cars because I have heard that the lights are poorly synronized. It’s superb, however, for bikes and a nice downhill cruise right into Logan. A short zip around the circle and you are downtown in under 15 minutes. It’s as good as the Petworth underground Metro-Rocket which I also love on rainy days.

  • by the way…this part of park, right off of rock creek church road, has a speeding camera that, very very unfortunately, has caught me speeding 5 times. The speed limit is 25 mph and I have been caught doing an avg of 36-37 mph. The camera pics/tiks are delayed by about 2 months before they get to your home, so you don’t have time to remedy your behavior. As such, i’ve racked up 5 in the last two months. Tiks are $50 – $100 each. Luckily, no points are involved

  • Your right! Great bike lane, I actually live pretty close to it… But I think that that area is actually Park View, not Petworth. Or is Park View just an area of the greater petworth area? either way people look at me funny and ask me where is that? when I mention either.

  • Love that bike lane. Before I recently bought my first bike in 25 years, I used to dream of cruising down that lane. If you’re going downtown, it continues around the reservoir to Howard U. Coming back northbound you can use the one on Warder.

    The 11th St lanes are also great as someone mentioned. Then you can cut over to the bike lanes on 14th (mainly south of U St I think) and take those if you’re headed into the main part of downtown.

  • Actually these bike lanes are decent, but not as good as they could be compared to cities like Bogota, Columbia where they are physically separated.

    A good post on it is here courtesy of Rebuilding Place:

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