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In April District Matters wrote a nice little piece on the success of MPD community policing initiatives. As has been noted previously I’ve seen two cops walk past Domku once and in April I too saw one cop on foot from a distance.

So I’ve decided to start a quarterly query to see if anyone has seen a cop on foot patrol. I think it is a great idea if it is actually implemented. So has anyone seen community policing in full effect?

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  • I have seen it at least on three occasions, and I’ve been living in the area for less than three weeks. Mind you,this was in the Park view area (a block south of Temperance Hall). I also saw a pair of cops walking in Brookland about two months ago. At first I thought I was hallucinating. It would be nice to see more of it.

  • not yet (i hope to see more) – but i must say there are some exceedingly pleasant and informative officers in the Petworth area.

    it does help to know the officers in your neighborhood!

    oh wait, i did see an officer on a horse a few months ago… kind of startled me.

  • i also saw two cops on foot, one block south of the petworth metro in the parkview area.

  • I’ve seen a few officers riding on those silly segways in Columbia Heights (and a couple on bikes), but none so far in the PW – but haven’t been here that long. But frankly, I don’t see hardly anyone on my street when I’m walking to the to and from the bus stop at 3rd and Upshur. It’s a nice change from Columbia Heights where I was constantly dodging bicycles, carts, cars, frat boys on cellphones, baby strollers, scooters, skateboards, easily distracted debutantes putting on too much lip gloss, urine, abandoned furniture, open grates, low branches, cigarette moochers, falling construction debris, and rats while trying to get to the metro.

  • I saw a cop standing (does that count?) in front of a building on Georgia Avenue, north of the Metro several blocks, across from a bank, last night. The cross street may have been Delafield, but I am not sure.

  • there is the speed trap eternally on Park Pl. at the corner of Manor. The cop comes out from time to time to chat with the residents, but does no other reconnaissance.

  • I saw some police on horseback on Kennedy St. and one on a segway on Jefferson

  • i’ve seen cops on Segways and horses on Taylor St. And bikes. Once a policeman knocked on my door to ask if I thought the neighborhood was being served well & to see if I had any suggestions. About half the time i see policemen just sitting in cars along my walk home from the metro.

  • After an encounter with the cops around 7th and O, I usually cross to the other side of the street when I see any cop.

    Amazing how two 3rd District MPD officers can change one’s impression of the force.

    Just be careful out there.

  • C’mon bogfrog, you have to give us more details!

  • It seems like most of you know this, but just in case. The line between 3D and 4D runs along Quebec/Spring at the intersection of Georgia/New Hampshire Aves. Just south of the intersection, in the 700 blk of Park Rd is a 3D substation, which focuses on the northern 2 PSAs of 3D. PSA 302, which is most of Columbia Heights and Park View, has a very active power shift Sgt (7pm – 4am), and encourages his officers to be more proactive with the community and more aggressive on crime. PSA 302 is actually one of the busiest PSA’s in the city, and the proximity to the substation, are the reasons why those of you who mention seeing officers will frequently see them on foot in the blocks south of the Metro.

    With all the talk about ANCs, etc., I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen anyone mention that they go to hear the police updates at ANC meetings. MPD is required to send either the PSA Lt or a Sgt to meetings to provide updates and field questions and concerns. This is a good opportunity to bring up specific problems to the police officials directly in charge of policing your neighborhood.

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