MPD Shirts?

NYPD Community Affairs, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Maybe Chief Lanier needs to get her officer’s some shirts. Then I would know for sure when I’ve seen community policing in action…

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  • They have shirts. They just aren’t allowed to wear them on patrol.

  • I have seen many more police patrols since Lanier became chief.

    Granted, they’re still driving around in their cars and are NEVER on foot, but I guess we have to start somewhere.

    Community Po-po, do you have inside knowledge as to why we dont get more foot or bicycle patrols in the neighborhoods?

  • The local cops are all following PoP around so’s they can snatch him up next time he picks up their sting ganja off the sidewalk.

    “Gotcha punk!”

  • I can’t speak for the individual district commanders and shift officials, but I would imagine that it is difficult to man each shift and balance mobile patrol with bike/foot officers out there.

    But they’re definitely out there. Depending on the district, you might not always see it, or maybe never see it, but they’re definitely out there. MPD just doesn’t have the manpower to support it at the levels that the public would like.

    More mountain bike officers have been trained this year, but it’s a tough course, so you can’t just churn out more mountain bike officers because you want to. And putting folks out on foot has to be balanced with being able to cover an entire district with the number of officers available for patrol. Some PSAs are so big that it’s diffcult to cover them without having all the officers in cars.

    Bottom line, there aren’t enough officers available for patrol duties to put foot and mountain bike officers out there in the numbers that would create the kind of visibility that some might demand.

    Besides, keeping the PoP out of trouble is manpower intensive.

  • Besides, having a shirt that says that you’re “Community Affairs” doesn’t make you a community police.

    Every officer is a community police officer.

    The problem with DC is the lack of communities. If a community isn’t willing to help the police by providing information, or reporting crime, or whatever, there is only so much the police can do. Very rarely is an officer right there when a crime happens. But there is usually some citizen there. If the community doesn’t do its part, then the notion of “community policing” just doesn’t work.

  • PoP’s going batty with the t-shirt thing!

    maybe you should do an MPoP shirt (after MPD)…

  • The other night when I was walking our two dogs, two friendly officers were making their rounds on foot which I thought was surprising and refreshing. They stopped to talk to me, asked me how long I’d lived in the area, if I felt safe, etc. I asked them if my two dachshunds could try out for the K-9 unit and they laughed. It was nice to interact with cops without having any real reason to (read: a problem or concern).

  • That is fantastic news! What street were you on when you spoke to the cops?

  • I was on Sheperd…very close to my house. They were friendly guys and I saw them walking up to packs of kids and just chit-chatting and stuff. It was nice to see.

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