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  • yep, a friend lives there and pays $850 for a 1BR. I haven’t seen her place but she says it’s big, has hardwood floors. Good if you like old fashioned charm and are ok w/ not living in a totally modern building. She had to get her own A/C unit…but still, that’s $200 vs. paying an extra $200 every month to live in a fancier building.

  • Took a look at a place there! When I went, one bedrooms were going for $928/month. I liked it, the timing when I looked was off (i needed a place further on in the month, they needed a signer immediately)

    I actually just signed for a (more expensive) large studio basement apartment at 13th and Otis, so I’m not quite in Petworth, but very close.

  • PoP – since you’re a central place for Petworth news, do you think it’d be nice to put together a list of places that renters could go look? Rather than figure them out by wandering the neighborhood… (not saying that you should, but maybe post a user-submitted list somewhere)

  • Jarrett,

    Congrats on finding a place. I am indeed in the process of putting together a list of places people can rent from. A sort of classified ads for Petworth if you will that can include housing.

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