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  • I think that might be me in the blue shirt on the right. At what time was this photo taken?

  • Photo was taken around 7:45ish.

  • Yep, I’m pretty sure that’s me in the blue shirt. I feel so famous.

  • thanks for the restaurant review/tip!

  • i went with a group of seven people total to red rocks last wednesday evening. we had a friendly server, and i liked our appetizers. most of us ordered pizzas, which ranged in quality. i really enjoyed my pizza (pepperoni), and a few other people really liked theirs. on the other hand, some people had pizza that was cooked too long, making the pizza dry. liked the beer and wine list. chimay in a chimay glass, too! while in our experience, we found the food to be uneven, i am ok with that–it had only been open 6 days–and i will DEFINITELY give it another try. it could be on its way to a good neighborhood pizza spot–desperately needed in this city.

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