Georgia Ave. condo watch

Well, there hasn’t been tons of visual development. But recently we have seen the addition of a gigantic crane which is always a positive development. More to come…

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  • I keep hearing and reading about how the bottom is falling out of the condo market. I do wonder whether we will really end up with condos and retail at this location.

  • Well I doubt that they would pull out the retail, since they are in the plans that have been approved, permits, the fact that it is Georgia Ave., etc. But the condos could relatively easily be converted to apartments.

  • i’ve noticed the addition of giant panther-sized rats.

    And also, maybe these richies will finally get rock creek church rd cleaned up.

  • Amen to the rats and trash on Rock Creek Church Rd. It could be so nice back there.

  • The Condo and real-estate market is just fine. The issue is that the entire US is reflecting on to the 2000 to 2006 period for the real-estate market. We are currently in the normal market where buyers have a choice and time to make an educated decision and purchase something they really want. In contrary to what was in the past where the market pushed you to buy on a fly or you’d loose the position on the property. As fare as to the home sales, sellers are being unrealistic. Some are panicking and selling off, not sure why. There were homes sold and bought way back when the interest rates were 18%.

  • in a totally amazing conincidence, rock creek church rd was cleaned today. if you wanted that mattress, you are too late.

  • Petworth remains a very attractive market. Ask any realtor.

    The national trend which shows no sign of letting up is that people want to live in cities if they can afford to. If you want to buy in Washington, DC, unless you’re able to spend $800,000 to the millions for a home closer in or on the other side of Rock Creek Park, Petworth remains a relatively easy alternative.

    Bear in mind housing prices here have DOUBLED in, say, the last four years. That prices are not inflating on the recent, steep incline does not mean the end of a healthy housing market. The runaway prices of the past few years are settling into a healthier market in the long run.

    Of the people who do want to live in the city and do not want all the burdens of a home, condos are an attractive option.

    The four new developments slated for Georgia Avenue between the Petworth Metro station and Upshur Street are moving forward. It takes time to bring a project to completion. I am not hearing that any are stalled. Within months you will see the steel girders that will form the skeleton of the Donatelli and Klein structure at the subway station, and the Neighborhood Development Company plans for a ground-breaking at Georgia and Taylor this year last I heard. And Mr. Gary Cha, owner of Yes! Organic Market, still talks to me about his plans for a market at Georgia and Taylor every time I bump into him at his new Brookland market on 12th St NE. The Jair Lynch project slated for just north of Georgia and Randolph will offer apartments, some at very, very affordable prices.

    Speaking of supermarkets, I am aware of recent efforts to get Safeway to consider building a new store at Georgia and Randolph. Don’t know the latest on that, however. Shaw will be getting a new Giant at 7th and O within the next few years. Our Petworth Safeway will be left in the position of being the least appealing supermarket in all of Northwest if it doesn’t get its act together, sustaining incentives for us to bring our business elsewhere.

  • I have been in Baltimore all week, so no complaining about housing prices here. Do you have $10K? You can buy at least one house here and commute on the MARC.

    Lots of progress on the 2 building sites at 14th and U.

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