Fireworks for sale and cell phones too!

Get ready. In just three days you all are about to witness a very special aspect of living in Petworth. As you have probably noticed by now there are fireworks for sale on almost every other corner. Maybe you have heard some firworks going off already. Tip of the iceberg my friends. Personally, I absolutely love it. My corner gets blocked off every 4th of July and there is an impromptu fireworks display put on by the neighborhood that lasts around half an hour. They are amazing. And my wonderful neighbors who put on the show also clean up all the refuse. So it is truly a special event put on by responsible folks. If anyone gets a good photo of the fireworks be sure to send them to me.

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  • As a new resident of Petworth, I am hoping the 4th is something special, because this every night crap of little pop rockets that are barely worth lighting are about to cause my dog to go on Prozac. I have to take her to the vet tomorrow to get her some type of tranquilizer so she doesn’t have a little doggie heart attack. Good fireworks, all for them. Little sparklers in the middle of NH Ave with minimal visual appeal, worthless. Can anyone tell me when the madness ends?

  • I’m sorry to say, Kelly, the madness ends around August 1st. Stay strong!

  • I hate the fu*king fireworks and the a*sholes who set them off.

  • I’ll be sure to get a picture as they are shot at me, just like last year. Awesome.

  • I, as does POP, absolutely love the fireworks in Petworth. This is a wonderful neighborhood event with long tradition. Fireworks will be going off all over the neighborhood, I mean ALL over the place. So, either stay put and enjoy the shows, OR turn your TV way up OR head down to the mall but please don’t bash a great time for the rest of us!

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