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  • I ate there a couple of weeks ago and the food was EXCELLENT! Our waiter (maybe the owner) was exceptionally nice. Given all that, I was really surprised there were not more patrons. It was practically empty on a Thursday evening. I would definitely recommend El Limeno to anyone.

  • Was just in there with Lil’ Gal and was happy not to be disappointed (my most common feeling in a DC restaurant). The margaritas, even though they are from a pre-mix, are much better than most local attempts. The entomatado sauce (tomato sauce) is pretty spot on too – easily the best I’ve had north of the Red River. I haven’t tried their enchiladas yet – that’ll be the real test – so far no enchilada in DC gets a passing grade.

    The worst so far? Mixtec on Columbia. YUCK. They couldn’t even make decent nachos and acted like I was from Mars when I asked for more jalapenos. I mean, I understand that most of their clientele are used to bland and boring fake texmex, but how can you screw up nachos?

    Don’t even ask about the enchilada I took two bites from.

  • A few of us lobbied to get DCist to review El Limeno. We knew that if they gave it a shot they’d love it.

  • El Limeno is a neighborhood place everyone should patronize because the food and service are excellent, not just because we want to help it.

    For those who have not yet eaten there, you really should go — you’ll be so glad you did.

  • Can’t speak for Salvadoran food, but the best Mexican food in town can be found at the Distrito Federal (D.F.) on 14th Street, just north of Columbia Heights, or at Pepitos on Columbia Road in Adams Morgan.

    All the rest inside the District is Tex-Mex boring stuff.

  • j.conn: The DCist was right about the papusas too (which I forgot to mention) but the DCist author’s judgment was tainted somewhat by their alleged “enchilada” recipe further down the page which looked like some Ohio grandma’s idea of what an enchilada would be. Makes me shake m’head. Not saying it tastes bad, ’cause I can’t know obviously, but it ain’t no enchilada. Call it a “midwesternlada”.

  • I love the enchiladas at El Limeno. Wish they had a soda fountain though instead of only offering drinks by the can.

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