Dunkin’ Donuts How I Pine for Thee

I have not forgotten you. We are such an unlikely love affair. I despise the Red Sox “nation” and all that is New England, yet you are inextricably associated with that cultural backwater. I hate Tom Brady and his freaking smirk. I despise Manny. Yet I love you. I was first introduced to the beautiful coffee bean by your arch rival in Seattle. Starbucks. I know you get upset when I even mention her name. Forgive me. You have had my heart ever since I first sipped you in New York. I know how I have written that I will not lobby for you in Petworth. But I will never forget you. Mark my words, whether it is one year, five years or ten years we will be together again!

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  • walk to Dunkin Donuts and walk home! earn that donut…
    ok, I am only halfway kidding, but I feel like starting a campaign for people who live in south Petworth to walk home from Columbia Heights. There’s suddenly a lot more to walk to and some more people on the street would make it feel a lot safer.

  • Have you thought about walking over to Mt Pleasant (or riding the H8) and getting doughnuts at Heller’s?

    They are very good doughnuts.

  • it appears that dunkin’ donuts is opening more stores in the district, so maybe u will get your wish. if this is a picture of the location on 17th street, north of P, then is it an example of a new location for the chain in DC….

  • “and all that is New England”!! Why you no good so and so…you’re worthy enough to sniff Dunkin Donuts used baking pans.

  • Hey, don’t blame the PoP just because he’s got the balls to say what the rest of the country thinks: New England sucks.

  • It’s hard to say whose worse: those up Boston way or those that that live in Noo Yawk. It’s almost a virtual tie in unpleasantness. I have to say it’s more fun to watch the Yankees get crushed though. Here’s hoping the Yanks never make the playoffs again.

  • You don’t like Boston?

    I’ll have my baby sistah from Glaw-stuh (Gloucester) hit ya wicked hahd (hard) with a two-by-faw (four), ya snotty bastuhd from Hahvud (Harvard).

  • i went to college in vermont, so i still harbor (oops-hah-buh) a fondness for n.e. i also like the red sox, though its a bittersweet “like”, given their heinous record with black players and the fact that i am black. do, however, love dunkin donuts coffee… starbucks is ubiquitous-and verrrrrry overrated, i think…. not that you asked me all this.. ( smile)

  • Interesting how a conversation regarding donuts devolved into a spat over NYC vs Boston. All I have to add is: CHICAGO RULES…

  • The Prince is just sad that his beloved Yanks are still under .500 and 10 games back going into the break. Boo hoo.
    Let’s go Sox!! (Red Sox that is)

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