Does anyone rent in Petworth?

A little while ago a reader wrote in to inquire about renting options in Petworth. Before we address that issue I would like to give props to the apartment building right near the metro on New Hampshire and Quincy. This building (at least on the outside) is the ideal that other apartment building should strive for. First of all, it has a fantastic garden that is very well cared for. Secondly, almost every morning on my walk to the metro there is a gentleman (employed by the building) who cleans up all the trash that has collected around the building. I know I mostly focus on homes so I just wanted to give the respect that this building’s management certainly deserves.

So, back to the question at hand. Not everyone can afford to buy in Petworth now that the prices have reached a certain level. But lots of people are becoming introduced to Petworth through Domku, Temperance Hall and word of mouth. So what are their options? It seems like there are a number of ads on craiglist to rent rooms or share houses. But what about traditional apartment buildings besides the one in this photo? Incidentally, does anyone know someone who lives in this apartment building. Is it as nice on the inside as it is on the outside? So, is renting a viable option in Petworth? How are the prices to rent here?

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  • There is a large apartment complex as well on New Hampshire and Georgia and I live next door to a 50 unit rental building on New Hampshire, just south of the Metro. I think renting in Petworth is a completely viable option, especially given the proximity to the Metro. I’ve had great experiences with rentals in the District and like the density and diversity they bring. I think density is very important, given the push to create more of a commercial corridor along Georgia Ave.

  • I’m way off topic, PoP, but you should check out Lily’s Cafe, at 5505 Colorado Ave NW. It’s a newly opened coffee and sandwich shop owned by an Eritrean-American. It’s just the kind of place we need in our neck of the woods! I learned about it in this month’s D.C. North magazine.

  • Hey – that unit is the Paramount, which is great – but they dont have many vacancies (or any at all right now). They run 900-1200. that unit right next to it on quincy street (on the east side) is definetly not nearly kept up as nice and was kinda grungy inside.

    I’m actually looking still for a 1br place in Petworth (hoping very much that the Paramount opens a spot). If anyone knows of anything or has a basement apt reasonably near the metro, let me know!

  • I rent in Petworth right now, and the prices for clean, spacious places with great architectural touches are very affordable. I live in the Taylor Towers at 9th and Taylor, just off Georgia. There are also a significant number of homeowners who rent out basement or English basement-type apartments. Honestly, even looking on craigslist, Petworth is one of the few neighborhoods where there is a lot to find.

  • I rent a two bedroom house in Petworth for $1700/month. I think its a fantastic deal for the amount of space that I have.

  • cluv,

    so you liked taylor towers? Any criticisms or complaints?

    there are a fair amount of 1 bedrooms (basement apartments epsecially) – however, a lot of people seem to think that an apartment on Georgia and Missouri is walkable to the metro (i’m not opposed to a nice walk or the bus, but if i end up working further away than i do now, a commute with another leg could really make it long.

  • I have a friend who rents a 1BR apartment on New Hampshire south of the metro – don’t think the building has a name but it’s near the fire station. She pays only $850 for a pretty big 1BR. Another friend lives in Twin Oaks at 14th & Randolph I think…she pays about $925 for a 1BR. Both these friends had searched in vain for an apartment under $1,000/month near a metro in other NW neighborhoods.

  • anon,

    any thoughts from either of your friends on the management at either building? i’ve actually looked at the one near the firehouse and i liked it. Twin Oaks was nice, but a little further from the metro than i wanted (I currently live about 10 mins away from the CH metro in Mt Pleasant)

    ive had really, really shoddy management companies in the past, so I wanted to see what current tenants thought before i signed a year’s lease…

  • I just moved here a month or so ago and rent a house right near the corner of New Hampshire and Quincy. I found it on Craigslist, and I think the woman who owns it has quite a few properties on New Hampshire. It is a 2 bedroom 1 bath, but very spacious with a lot of charm and a nice porch/little back yard area. It is $1795/month. It is tough to find a house vs. apt in that price range, but I mostly decided to settle here because of the diversity, the (mostly) friendly neighbors and believe it or not-your blog! I’d love to buy here and grab flyers on for sale homes while out walking my dog, but I can definitively say I could not and would not pay half a million for a house here. I would imagine the house I rent would probably sell for around $450K, and that mortgage payment would be about twice my rent. I have NO idea how people afford to buy in DC. I can probably only afford a condo to still be able to eat out, travel etc, and I make a pretty good salary relative to this area.

  • Kelly,
    Thanks for your comment. I’m so happy that this blog contributed to your decision to move to Petworth. As for the ability to buy, well, a lot of it is timing and luck. But don’t give up hope, you never know what can happen. In the meantime it sounds like you have a great place. So enjoy!

  • jarrett-

    i like taylor towers a lot. the space is incredible, and the price is right. best option is to see for yourself. there’s also a building right by the old firehouse on new hampshire just south of the metro that i looked at, also has excellent spaces.

  • That unit is not The Paramount, contrary to jarrett’s claim. The Paramount is on the corner of Georgia and Quincy; this is the corner of New Hampshire and Quincy. I should know, i live in it. He’s right though about it not being kept up and grungy, but the interiors of the apartments are decent. The major complaint right now is the elevator which has been broken since December and they’re taking their sweet time to fix it. I live on the 5th floor and took the stairs anyway for exercise and energy-saving, but i prefer to choose and not be forced to do that, especially when i have packages. The price and location cannot be beat, but wait until they install the new elevator.

  • You’re right – sorry – that is the one on the corner, not the Paramount.

    I looked at that building as well, they had apartments but the only one available at the time was a first floor unit which I didn’t feel great about. But the manager seemed really nice. At the time, that unit was running for 960/month.

  • I have to put in a huge plug for a set of buildings at New Hampshire and Farragut/Gallatin. Lovingly owned by the J Alexander Management Company, they’re suuppper cheap and mine was completely redone before I moved in. The mgt co really truly cares, which is fantastic. Neighbors are friendly. My 2-bedroom is $900/month. The only con: the second bedroom is quite small…about 7 1/2×12. Otherwise, it gets my highest recommendation.

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