Another Local Restaurant Gets a Great Review

The Washington Post reviewed [email protected] Heights in Columbia Heights today.

My favorite part: “The menu at the Heights plays up comfort food and offers something for everyone: steak frites for meat eaters, crab cakes for seafood fans, vegetable linguine for vegetarians and meatloaf for a homesick Midwesterner — though no Midwesterner’s mom is likely to have served meatloaf with a wasabi crust.”

Read the full review here. But don’t forsake El Limeno!

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  • Actually it appears that IS the only one option for vegetarians.

  • But at least you can get vegitarian desert at Sticky Fingers close by?

  • The May/June 2007 issue of the Grant Circular has a review of Limeno as well …

  • Sticky Fingers is a vegan bakery. How disgusting is that? Plus, I hear they use margarine so you’re just trading healthy butter and eggs for hydrogenized vegetable oils… bon apetit!
    Oh, and yeah don’t forget El limeno! The food is great and the owner is super nice! I’m trying to eat there at least once a week and I suggest you all do the same!

  • We walked over to the Heights the other day for lunch only to find out that they are only open for dinner. Same thing with Red Rocks. What a disappointment.

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