And the Sign Says…

What the hell does the sign say? I may be getting a little petty here but I have noticed a bizarre trend among many of the new shops opening up around town. Of course, I am delighted that these new shops are opening, there is no doubt about that. But you can see the signs of Beveragemania, Nani Kafe, 11 St. Deli, World Greatest Jerk-Mango Cafe, and others and they all have something in common. Instead of good solid signs they have flimsy banners almost scotch taped to their buildings. Whatever happened to proper signage? I’m sure it is a lot cheaper but it seems, well, kind of cheap. I also think proper signage shows a level of commitment and confidence that their businesses will succeed. Or perhaps I’m just being ridiculous…

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  • Correct. The vinyl sign might as well say, “we plan on being in business as long as the wind doesn’t blow this sign away”. It looks real sad.

  • No, I don’t think it’s ridiculous. It’s a money-saving measure, I reckon, and I take away from it exactly what you do. Why should SMALL SMILES DENTAL CLINIC have the biggest sign on the planet (Seriously. God bless the work they do, but that signage is way too large for a doctor’s office) but these other places have a banner?

    While we’re talking about signs — there’s a restaurant on Georgia Avenue, across the street from Howard University Hospital, that has a letterboard sign that reads:


    So, I get that something is “cooked with turkey.” But what is “aveva?” This has been bugging me for ages.I wish Borf would come back and draw some letters in.

  • I miss borf. I know that is an unpopular statement – but I like good graffiti.

  • Eh. I hear you, but it is vandalism. I wouldn’t want it on the side of my house, so I can’t tell someone else they should have it on the side of their business just because I appreciate it aesthetically (when it’s not my property.) And graffiti artists tend to breed.

    That sign on the Georgia Avenue restaurant actually reads:


    I’m so confused.

  • Two years ago, the sign at Wilson’s across from Howard University said “Have Veg Cooked with Turkey.” It’s slowly been losing letters over the years.

  • Oh my God. DCLiz, THANK YOU!

  • And DCLiz that is absolutely a free PoP t-shirt for you!

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