11th St. Deli…Delicious

Bacon and eggs, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I’m not sure if this picture does it any justice but the bacon and eggs at 11 St. Deli are terrific. I asked for eggs over medium and they did it perfectly despite the fact that I broke the yoke when I opened the container upside down. But I think the coolest find from this shop is that they have southern sweet tea and free refills on them. Plus it only cost five bucks.

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  • Hi,
    I just went to 11th Street Deli, too, and took a couple of pictures:


    I had a BLT and it was excellent, but no rye bread was available.

  • yikes cholesterol invasion!

  • thanks… i dont eat pork, but the thought of some eggs running like colors in a salvadore dali painting relatively close by is
    a nice one…

  • I had a turkey sandwich there. Not good and overpriced.

  • I’ll be glad when that picture is pushed to the bottom of the page. 🙂 I love bacon and eggs but the picture is skeery.

  • the place sounds promising, but really, please remove that picutre… it’s not a good visual endorsement.

  • One hungover Wednesday morning I pulled in and ordered a bacon egg and cheese croissant, and it cured me by the time I pulled into my office garage. After he built the sandwich, he put the whole thing on the grill and left that weighted flat metal thingy on it for a minute or two. Oh, lordy.

    Yes, it’s basic, but considering how many places will make you a bacon egg and cheese croissant, making the best one in the world has got to be worth something!

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