Upshur/New Hampshire Development Watch

Well, the house next door to the monstrosity has gone up for sale. I wonder how difficult it would be to sell given its gigantic neighbor. What do you think, would you have to knock $25k off your preferred asking price? I’d love to hear the real estate agent make the pitch to prospective buyers. I’d imagine it would go something like this: It is a beautiful house in the sizzling Petworth neighborhood and luxury condos are going up right next door…

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  • That poor, poor corner house. It had so much potential, only to be dashed by shoddy planning and workmanship.

  • Is the corner house supposed to be condos or is it some man/woman’s dweam home? Does anyone know if those condos in the converted house near the PW metro are selling? I’m hoping that there aren’t going to be too many rowhouse-to-condo conversions in PW like you see in Columbia Heights… I want the one-bedroom hipsters to stay in their own area. Damn kids.

  • Amazingly, some of those converted condos *are* selling. At 611 Quincy, developers added a third floor and then carved the house into 4(!!!!) condos. I believe they all sold, and somewhat quickly. Shocking.

  • Now were we walking along the very same street on the very same day? Yep, it looks like we were. One minor difference: I have a swank cell phone with a good camera and you do not.

  • wayan: if i were to see you on the streets with that same expression i’d cross over to the other side and quickly call St. E’s to come collect you in the funny wagon.

  • By the by, this house is going for $560,000…

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