Temperance Hall gets another great review from Washington CityPaper

They must be doing something right. Someone wrote an earlier comment that the service wasn’t that good. Do other folks feel this way. Read the CityPaper article here.

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  • I’ve always had prompt & chipper service there. After first trying their garlic fries, I’ve been back numerous times to repeat the experiment. The only bum night was their 1-year anniversary: it was far more packed than they expected.

    I give the place high praise. An excellent addition to the neighborhood.

  • The food, drink, and atmosphere are great. But in six or seven visits, we’ve never had prompt service.

  • We go to Temperance Hall about once a week and we’ve always had great service. If there is a delay, certainly it is nothing compared to the waits we experienced at Domku that eventually caused us to stop going there.

  • Anonymous #2, Why put down another restaurant in your attempt to put up another one?

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