New Store coming to Upshur St.!

BeverageMania, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This storefront is looking pretty nice, it is next to the barbershop on Upshur near Georgia Ave. This store may also have the best name ever, besides EatMore Fried Chicken of course. Beveragemania. I hope it truly is and that there is a fantastic selection of wines, beer, etc. Anyone else know anything about this?

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  • I’ve always thought that section of Upshur desperately needed a beer/wine store that carried higher end stuff. I hope Beveragemania is that place. Nowadays if I want certain really good beers I have to either go to Whole Foods on P St. or up GA to Morris Miller…something very close by would be awesome.

  • nice legs.

  • I got to stop taking pictures when it is this sunny near big windows!

  • I’m still hoping for “Comixmania”, “Doughnutmainia”, or “Usedvideogamemania”. You can get beverages anywhere including from the kitchen tap.

  • dont be shy POP. one day you will slip up and we’ll all see you!!

    cant wait 🙂

  • I heard that it will be a coffee/soda shop type place.

  • Kinda like Hulkmania, just in an liquid state….


  • I always liked preferred the macho man Randy Savage…

  • I want to spend many dollars being inebriated via Beveragemania

  • ^^What Wayan said.

    I’m going to be so disappointed if Beveragemania turns out to be anything less than an awesome beer store.

  • PoP- If they open up a store called BeefJerkyMania on Upshur and you blog it, I will post a comment along the lines of “Snap in a to a Slim Jim” or “Art thou bored?!” in homage to the Macho Man.

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