Good new to our south

The U Street neighborhood is about to welcome what looks like a super cool cafe. Collage Cafe is located right next to St. Ex on 14th and T. Anyone know when it opens?

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  • sorry there, prince. the place was open years ago, but was shut down for not being properly licensed. the neighbors have been fighting to keep it from reopening (from what i understand, it was operating less like a cafe and more like a bar). i don’t think it’ll be open anytime soon.

  • you don’t get out much do you?

  • No, I just drink too much. Too bad though, it looked like it could be a cool place.

  • It was a cool place.

  • so what is everyone’s favorite watering hole in DC? i’m new (this year) so i’m not sure yet. i like the jukebox at the toledo lounge on 18th a lot though… and they have drink specials that almost make you forget you are in DC (price wise).

  • Anon. the best bar in DC is Temperance Hall on Georgia Ave and Princeton just south of the Petworth metro. Also Wonderland in Columbia Heights on 11th and Kenyon is fantastic as well.

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