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Mayorga Lounge, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I like what one commenter posted below suggesting that choice is good. I really think that is a brilliant if succinct comment. And speaking of choice, Mayorga Lounge in Columbia Heights near the Giant grocery is super cool. It has two levels and everything that you can ask for. I still love Columbia Heights Coffee on 11th Street but it is nice to have choice especially when it is crowded there. But they are both great places to get a cup of joe and hang out. And hopefully we will get lots of choices like this in Petworth too. Ok maybe not lots of choices but at least a few choices. Has anyone else tried Mayorga yet? Thumbs up or down?

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  • Don’t for get Sticky Fingers across street!

  • The Mayorga is great, and will be a little different than some of the other places sprouting up nearby. For starters, their beautiful interior, afternoon/nighttime food, and upstairs bar with happy hour will make them more than just a coffee shop. Perhaps a little more like Tryst, though I doubt it will be that busy all day long like Tryst. I haven’t been to Mayorga happy hour yet, but I’m thinking about checking it out one day this week. (4-8).

  • Have they gotten their alcohol license?

  • Mayorga is stunning… AAlaro posted on the CH site, I believe, that he had actually drunk a beverage there containing alcohol, so I believe the answer is yes. This feels like our honeymoon — when CH and Petworth residents can still get a table in there, before the flood of condo people take over.

  • I was at the Giant near there and thought about checking out Mayorga, but I didn’t feel like lugging all my groceries with me. Maybe next time I’ll make a trip out just to check out Mayorga. Looks like a cool place.

  • Totally favorable. Love the setting and good taste. Check out the theatrical ceiling. Also for non coffee drinker like me, so lovely that they have smoothies.
    Starbucks is just too big of a chain screaming capitalism.

  • Mayorga Coffee is wonderful. I have enjoyed the Mayorga in Silver Spring and refer my friends there. You can buy pounds of coffee in some Marvelous Markets. I highly recommend it. The coffee is locally roasted (in Silver Spring) and has more fair trade and organic choices than Starbucks.

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