What the…

barrels, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

What in the world are these barrels outside of the Petworth metro? They have been outside the metro for at least a week. Do they contain nuclear waste? Do they have dead bodies in them? Do they have socialist propaganda in them? Seriously, what the hell are these?

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  • I don’t konw what those vats are, but yesterday evening a WMATA crew scrubbed clean the grounds around the PW Metro stop. That was nice to see.

  • I think they contain materials for repairing an elevator, because we’ve had a chronically broken elevator and a whole bunch of barrels just like that.

  • Quick note: I saw the GA Ave./Petworth Metro maintenance guy (you may have seen him around, seems to always be working on cleaning up some aspect of the station….quite a tireless guy!) picking up these barrels and moving them around yesterday around 4:00 PM. Pretty sure they’re empty since he just picked them up with his bare hands and carried them about 15 feet to a new location.

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