Washington Post makes gigantic error in reporting federal drug bust

The Washington Post incorrectly reported a drug bust as taking place on the 4200 block of 4th Street, NW but in reality it took place on 4th Street, SE. Jaysus. So I apologize for the below post.

The Express still has it listed as:

» PETWORTH: “Task Force Targets 4th Street Mob” [WaPo]

This is so embarassing. I count on the Post, which is one of the best newspapers in the country to have their facts straight. Again, I apologize for the confusion.

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  • WaPo generally sucks at local coverage in my opinion. They do well in MD and VA, but in DC, where illiteracy is high and purchasing power somewhat reduced (extremely wealthy areas notwithstanding) they suck. I’ve always been angered that they use the name of our fair city and then don’t report on it.

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