Upshur NH development watch

Upshur:NH watch, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

So you can see the dreaded third floor has been nearly completed and as suspected it is finished with vinyl. Fortunately the vinyl matches the yellow painted brick so I have to admit it is not that bad. What do you think?

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  • I think the vinyl and the yellow paint don’t match at all. I keep praying that they’ll repaint the house with something that’s a little closer to the siding.

  • The paint color and vinyl are a poor match, as your photo shows. Also the siding is set back from the brick on the NH ave side, and overlaps the brick on the Upshur side like a lid that doesn’t fit. It is an ugly renovation. They still have a long way to go, but everything they do seems to make it uglier.

  • During most of the day the vinyl and paint do match and I don’t think the photo portrays that. It’s not as ugly as the house at Sherman and Park but I was hoping that they would use something other than vinyl. Regardless, it is a vast improvement over the hollowed out house that had been sitting there for years.

  • Brick is really expensive, topped by the need for a skilled bricklayer with assistants to cart the bricks up a scaffold. Most of our houses were properly built with 2 layers of brick walls and an insulating “blanket” of air between them…

  • But, another question: what is required if you want to build up a level or dig down underneath? Is it just money or is there a difficult process of permitting? I think it would look pretty weird if just one house built up and neighbors did not… but I like to think there would be some hope in case the price of real estate suddenly soared and all I could ever hope for in this world was 0.2 acres and the air rights.

  • This house is a complete tragedy. I thought the two houses with additions down New Hampshire were ugly (one with a fake extended “roof” and the other with a lovely brick and cinderblock addition) but this one so far takes the cake. Not only is the siding hideous, they destroyed the original roofline and now it looks crooked. Not to mention the door and whatever has been done to the windows.

    I admit to being biased just because I have yet to see a third story addition that is not awful in some way (and I also had a thing for this house when I moved to the neighborhood, even though it was in rough shape). There is one going on around the corner from my house that I am watching with much interest, but so far I think it is going to look bad. Can anyone point me to a reasonable looking one? Or are they all doomed to hideousness? In any case, I want to cry every time I go by this poor house. Maybe it will get better, and will all be fine when it is done, but I don’t see that happening, sadly.

  • I meant 0.02 acres — whoops

  • For K: there are two third floor additions you might not gag at. They are on S Street NW, at the SE corner of 15th.

  • There is also a third story addition on Park Rd, I think either near the corner of 11th or 13th. It is a condo building, but it doesn’t look as unnatural as all the other ones being mentioned. I used to live near the one on NH at the corner of Otis, and walked by it everyday. The cinderblock side faced my house and it made me sad for their neighbors because it was added in a way that just threw up a huge wall on one side of their neighbor’s backyard. Imagine if someone just built a 25 ft unfinished cinder block wall on one whole side of your backyard all of a sudden.
    The best part of that addition was that it seemed to have a door to nowhere on the side of it for a really long time. And it seemed to take them a really really long time to brick it up. I wonder how these guys get these projects approved. Ah DC . . .

  • Thanks, bogfrog and daniel! I will definitely check those out since I walk around those places all the time.

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