Planes, trains and automobiles, sort of

Last night was warm and since I am of the old school I don’t have central air. Therefore, I keep the window open which is usually pretty good since these houses have good air flow. Anyway, this is a preface to say that I swear a helicopter almost hit my house last night. I’m exagerating. But I am very familiar with the slow police search choppers and the medvac choppers but this was something else. It felt so close I thought my roof was going to rip off. Anyone else experience some crazy helicopter last night? Then if the night couldn’t get any wierder I swear I heard a train blowing its whistle multiple times. Is there a train even near Petworth? I have been hit in the head a lot and I did have a few beers so maybe I just had a bizarre dream…

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  • I think you are hearing trains on the track that runs along the Red Line metro track parallel to North Capitol and then along Blair to Silver Spring. I’m surprised you are just now hearing it because I hear it all the time and I’m a lot further away then you.

  • Thanks Jeff. I thought I was losing my mind for a minute there.

  • i’m right next to the tracks on north capitol, on about H and 3rd.

    i’ve heard the tracks in petworth before.

    it depends on the wind.

    there was a helicopter in the distance (sounded like petworth) last night. maybe check

  • A week or two ago I was in Silver Spring, walking across
    East-West Highway where it crosses over the tracks. There was a freight train crossing underneath that stretched as far as I could see in either direction.

    I would think that so many wheels clanking on the tracks make a racket that could carry quite a distance when weather conditions are right.

  • Yes that dang train was blowing multiple times Monday morning at 5am and again every evening this week. I live 3 blocks from that line near Fort Totten and I could wring his/her neck! As for the helicopters, there have been multiple times this week where helicopters have been flying extremely low. Incredible!!!

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