Mmm Coffee

It is official, Columbia Heights coffee has the best tasting coffee within walking distance of Petworth. Not a bad place to sit outside and drink it either.

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  • I liked Columbia Heights Coffee. Their service was friendly.

  • Also, haven’t they started the expansion into next door?

  • since Columbia Heights is getting a Starbucks AND a Caribou Coffee in the next couple months perhaps it’s time for Petworth to get its own independent coffee shop? The place I think would make a great coffee shop…the closed Dudley’s Beauty at the corner of 8th & Upshur. Or the building they are renovating at the corner of Shepherd and Georgia – behind Lawrence’s II Petworth Carryout. (anyone have an idea what’s going in there?)

  • I hear the owner lives in Petworth. Maybe we can convince him to franchise?

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