Metro says no coffee allowed, not even on murals?

Metro mural close up, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I know we have discussed the mural at the Petworth metro before but I never noticed this section. You can see it is a cup of coffee and there is a circle with a line through it. What the hell is that? Just because you can’t have coffee on the metro, you can’t even paint it either. WTF.

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  • This is the same WMATA that refuses to allow movies to be filmed in the Metro if the scene involves characters running. Hence all the DC movies with NYC subway scenes.

  • It’s probably just an artistic depiction of the restriction on drinking on the metro. Which of course, along with the ban on eating and loud music, are well enforced on trains. Right.

  • While I absolutely support the ban on eating and drinking, I believe there are enough signs on every metro and in every metro station. To include this on a mural makes zero sense…it has nothing to do with the mural.

  • it’s funny.

    the artist had a sense of humour, which clearly some of you don’t.

  • Where in the mural is this? I can’t believe I never noticed it.

  • It is sort of near the lower left hand corner if you are facing the mural.

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