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I spoke with a neighbor yesterday and our conversation crushed me. The crushing words were “I’ve had enough I’m moving”. She felt this way because of the recent murder on the 800 block of Taylor Street. I was devastated. This is not someone who hides in her house. This is a pillar of our community, someone who is involved in local politics and someone who contributes to the great quality of life we have here in Petworth. And she wants to move now. She is fed up and I am devastated. If people like her feel the need to move we are doomed as a community. She is the gold standard of what a neighbor should be. Now I’m not going to say I haven’t felt the same way at times. As a matter of fact last Summer I saw someone shot in front of my very eyes and I was shaken to the core. I too felt like leaving town immediately. But I didn’t. And why not? Because I see where this community is headed. We have so much to look forward to. I love the people of Petworth. When I walk home from work I smile at all of the familiar faces and wonderful people I see. Plus, we have restaurants, and grocery stores, and bars and lots more coming soon. But that is not all. We also have a wonderful unique community. We as a community will unite against the senseless violence we see. We are on the rise and although there will inevitably be descents, make no mistake we are a community on the rise.

So the Friday question of the day is: Have you ever been so frustrated you have thought about moving out of Petworth?

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  • Yes. I too have witnessed a shooting in front of my house, my car was stolen, and I frequently saw drug deals going down on my street. Even after all this, I’m missing Petworth. I currently live abroad (work reasons), but I plan on returning to my house and working to improve life in Petworth. Our community is wonderful, location convenient, and while Petworth is not a perfect place to live, I hope that one day it will be.

    With that said, DC has a real problem with juvenile crime. If you look at the majority of crimes in town, they are being committed by teenagers and many times against teenagers. In fact, the shooting I myself witnessed involved a group of 12 and 13 year old kids. To me, that signifies a problem that must be addressed.

  • Sure, but the motivation was more monetary rather than societal. Living check to check is enough to send anyone to the sticks. I dare say that if you had a nice windfall of money come your way you might decide that you would like to live in a better neighborhood, beloved Petworth be damned. Call me the Prince of Cleveland Park! Less of a ring to it though.

  • I would be lying if the thought (or fantasy, given the economic realities of living in “better” neighborhoods) of pulling up stakes didn’t cross my mind from time to time. It’s the old “life is too short to always have to worry about knuckleheads” way of thinking. But where can one go? If I leave at all, it will be a clean break, like out of the USA…

  • Hey Prince…

    What was the story behind the shooting that you witnessed?

  • Guinessphish,
    That is a story that will have to get its own post. I’ll write about it over the summer on the day it happened a year ago. But I promise I’ll write about it.

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