Condo development above Petworth metro watch

Metro condos, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

So it turns out a lot of expat Petworthians keep up with the neighborhood by reading PoP and Petworth News. Today, someone requested that we update them with the condos being built above the metro. I’m not sure if the picture does it justice, but an awful lot of work has been completed. There is a very deep foundation that has been done towards the back of the picture. I have to say it is very exciting.

But I’d also like to raise a question that I was discussing with a buddy the other day. When the condos are completed and filled do you think it will change the atmosphere of Temperance Hall? I feel like it may get a bit more crowded but overall it should attract even more establishments like Temperance. Thoughts?

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  • It would be nice if it spurred more development similar Temperance Hall, but I have to admit my personal wish is to see improvements to that Safeway that’ll be right next door. Temperance Hall is great for people who really want/like neighborhood bars, but we all need groceries.

  • Great pic PoP! Your readership in the UK greatly appreciates it!

  • Agreed PoP, it will attract similar establishments

  • agree with christina…i hope safeway gets a makeover. giant is great, but it’s a madhouse!

  • I think it will make Temperance Hall much more crowded, especially at happy hour but it will hopefully bring more places like Temperance Hall to the neighborhood.

  • We’re living in a honeymoon right now…. the condo people will change things a lot. Now we get to enjoy all the offerings but soon we may need to wait for tables or put names on a list!

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