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van on fire, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Thanks to Laurie for alerting me and sending me the photo of this van that caught fire on New Hampshire and 7th. It happened today at 5:10pm but Laurie said she could still hear a fire truck at 5:30. I wonder how the van burst in to flames like that.

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  • Way to get the pic, PoP (and reader.) My wife and I saw the burned out van yesterday and wondered what the heck had happened. I didn’t read anything about it in the Metro section this morning; perhaps a burning van isn’t rare enough to make the newspaper in this town.

  • it’s pretty common in dc for these joyriders/carjackers to steal a car, ride around for a while, and then set it on fire.

  • I walked past the scene this morning and there was shattered glass so maybe it smashed into the light post before bursting into flames?

  • I don’t think it was joyrider/carjackers because there were a couple of guys sitting nearby that looked like deliverymen. I also didn’t see any other cars they might have hit. The only odd thing about it was the way it was facing south on the west side of NH Ave, facing in the wrong direction. I wasn’t sure how it got there facing in that direction.

  • I take that back – I’m an idiot! It probably just overheated. I think I thought it came the wrong way out of 7th St.

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