And It’s Official: Congratulations New Ward 4 Representative Muriel Bowser

The Washington Post is reporting a crushing victory by Muriel Bowser who took 4886 votes or 40.6% of the vote. The next closest challenger was Michael Brown 3269 votes or 27.16% of the vote. As I stated briefly below, with such a significant victory we should all rally behind Muriel Bowser and wish her the best of luck as our new representative. There obviously has been a wide range of opinions on this election but for the moment we must now give Muriel Bowser the opportunity to succeed. I know this may not be easy for some but from this point on I believe her success will equal our success. I hope Muriel will be a great champion for Ward 4 and a great champion for the city at large. So I’m eager to hear what you guys think…

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  • My comments are, the Mayor won, we the people DID NOT. This was not a fair race and it was not a race that produced a person who deserved to win. I am proud of those who stayed in the race and gave it their best because as it has been stated before you were always in a race against Adrian Fenty and not Muriel Bowser. If the mayor had not backed her she would have never even been in the top 5, hell she would have never considered running!
    The brightest part of this is in 18 months we will hopefully have a new council member who has done the work already in the ward and who deserves to win, not who had a planned win so the mayor could have a planned vote on the council.

  • Well, look at it this way. There wasn’t a candidate in the race that would have TURNED DOWN an endorsement from the Mayor. It just so happens that it was Muriel Bowser. I think if one of the other candidates would have gotten the endorsement, there would have been hate firing back and forth too. What we should do as citizens of Ward 4 is to make it a partnership with our representation as voted on BY THE PEOPLE and make this ward the best it can be.

    It could have been a different race if 19 people weren’t running which further watered down the vote!

    Lets work together!

  • I think Rev. Hagler, Charles Gaither, Renee Bowser and others did a good job of getting themselves out there. I certainly didn’t know their names or community contributions — for which I am thankful — prior to this election, so their methods worked, IMO. At the end of the day, however, voters wanted Muriel. So, I co-sign on PoP’s and the last poster’s suggestion that we get behind our councilmember and work collaboratively with her for the good of Ward 4.

    On another note, what is it exactly, that people think Muriel won’t say “no” to when they refer to her being Fenty’s “yes” woman? Is there some nefarious plan underway regarding Ward 4 that hasn’t gained a lot of attention? I’m being serious.

  • I agree with PoP and the others who are calling for everyone to work together with Muriel Bowser for the benefit of Ward 4. But, just to reply to the question of nefarious plans, that might not be the best question to ask. Our system of government is based on separation of powers and a system of checks and balances. When one branch is beholden to another, that system breaks down. Admittedly, in the worse case we are talking about a single member of one branch so the independence of the entire branch is not necessarily threatened at this point. However, 6 years of Republican control of the the executive and legislative branches of the federal government provided adequate evidence of the problems that occur when checks and balances do not work as expected. Waiting for nefarious plans to be ready for implementation is too late to begin showing concern for this issue.

  • Thanks, Jeff. Nefarious was a poor choice of words. I guess I just wanted to know if it was just a general checks and balances thing or if there was some specific thing people were referencing.

  • If I might add to Jeff’s checks and balances concern, the amount of contributions from developers raises flags. I don’t believe Muriel went begging for the money; I am quite prepared to believe that the donors needed no urging to grab the chance to show the Mayor they support him and his.

    But even though Muriel was not selling, those donors thought they were buying something. Without any implication that either our Mayor or our new Councilmember are subject to influence, I think it makes sense to make sure there is clear public pressure to balance the pressure they are sure to feel.

    The checks have come in, now it’s our turn to provide the balances.

  • Well as we are all hearing today some cadidates may have been “paid” to stay in the race to breakup the vote.

  • Please provide more information about candidates being paid. That sounds interesting.

  • Just out there that Singleton, and other “may” have been paid to stay in the race to split the votes so that the person who ran against Fenty would not win, Makes you think doesn’t it…I mention Singleton’s name because that is the name that is really being said in various conversations today, but his 570 votes would not have allowed Brown to win alone, so if the “rumor” is true then it would have had to have been others as well. I will be getting a t-shirt this weekend that reads, WARD 4 IS FOR SALE (on the front)& HOW MUCH U GOT? (on the back). The color will be green.

  • I am intimately involved in politics in Ward 4. I can tell you unequivically that Muriel was, and will be, a “puppet” of the Mayor. Just watch her votes, particularly the votes wherein Ward 4 is directly effected. She will vote in lockstep with Fenty’s desire EVERYTIME. Again, just watch. We’ve all been “had”.

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