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  • I have heard turnout has been very low so far. Has anyone heard any numbers coming out?

  • I would not have expected turnout to be high at all considering it is a special election. It probably will pick up more heavily as people leave work.

  • I was the only person voting at 8th and Shepherd at 845 or so this morning. Not good.

  • Turnout at Sherman Circle was SPARSE. And by sparse I mean myself and two other voters at around 840 to 845am.

    I can’t wait to read the dollar per vote ratio. With $380k in the bank, Muriel Bowser will easily end up spending about $145 per vote. Disgusting.
    Thanks, Mr. Mayor!

  • I voted; it was verrry quiet. Many more people handing out flyers than voters to receive them.

    Go vote!

  • There was only one other person besides me voting at 10am near Sherman Circle.

  • J.Con….you are to funny but soooo right!

    I hope that the paid for cadidate does not win…not just because of the money but by the fact that if the mayor had stayed out of this race she would not have even been in the top 5, then maybe some other candidates who have done actual work for the ward would have been able to SHINE more!

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