Who knew?

School board sign, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Apparently there is a school board election on May 1st as well. Somebody else can interview them.

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  • Celia Bassols or Joe Carillio are the best candidates…although I do like Mr. Levine as well.

  • I have only seen one forum, and Bassols was not there. I was favorably impressed by Carillo and Levine, and also by Mai Abdul Rahman and Sekou Biddle. Herb Scott left me cold. Any more detailed information to share?

  • Rich,

    I really like Carillo he has done alot and is very smart, the same can be said for Levine as well….Rich can I just tell you that Sekou doesn’t have a clue…TRUST ME….What did you find cold about Herb?

  • Anonymous,

    The thing about Scott, I admit, was a gut reaction. For one thing, when the candidates were asked to say why they thought they were qualified for the position, rather than speaking of background and/or ideas, he just said that the Mayor had nominated him for the Board. I thought that was rather lame.

    Basically, though, I know much less about the candidates than I ought to, and my earlier comment was an attempt to fish for more information.

    By the way, “TRUST ME”, coming from “anonymous”, is a cute touch.

  • You can trrust me Rich, I am only speaking the truth!

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