To know fear is to know this dog

Scary dog, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

For those who live in south Petworth, perhaps you have met this dog before. Now I realize this picture does the dog no justice but I was terrified, sprinting away from this 4 legged menace. Let me assure you this dog is pure muscle and he knows it. Now I know there are lot of dog enthusiasts who read this blog so I’ll tell you perhaps this is a nice dog but be careful walking on the sidewalk near his house. You can see the fence is all of 2 foot high and this dog lunges at if you are anywhere in a 50 foot radius of it. I was waiting for this moment which comes every Spring. The dog is let out in its yard and when you walk down Taylor St. near NH it let’s you know who’s boss. I fully concede he is the boss. I concede nearly twice a day from Spring until Winter but he refuses to accept my surrender. I can’t explain how terrifying it is. The dog lunges at the fence barks like crazy and every time I think: ok, so this is how I’m going to die, I’ve lived a good life, I guess I always wanted to travel to China and have children, well not in China but, I’m getting off track here. I hate this fricking dog!

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  • what intersection is this near? Taylor and NH (closer to sixth street or on the other side of NH?)

  • It’s on the other side of NH on the way to 5th street.

  • There is a dog near me that does this (lunges at the fence, barks, etc) but IS actually the sweetest thing ever. He got out once and I let him into my back yard where he sat next to me and then ‘hugged’ me with his front paws on my shoulders. You never know, though.

  • One of the first things I learned when I moved to Petworth was to fear that crazy dog. I now exclusively walk on the other side of Taylor when going to/from the Metro and absolutely will not walk my dogs down that street.

    The dog, a white pit bull, tends to hide in the exterior basement area of the house and then howl and charge anyone who walks past his house. He does not slow up as he approaches the fence, instead ramming his head into the chain link and barking with such ferocity that I got slobber on me once last year.

    The owner has to know his dog does this, and should either invest in behavior classes for his pooch, or get a stronger, perhaps wooden fence to keep him from what I fear will be an inevitable attack on someone or something.

  • I love the Crazy Dog alert, PoP! This is citizen journalism at its best.

  • That dog scares the crap out of me. I’m a walker who loves her walk, looks at all the gardens, says hello to all the nice people I pass and then WHAM that dog lunged and my heart didn’t stop racing for an hour. I hate that freakin dog!

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