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  • Wow! This looks incredible! I know where I’m headed this weekend…

  • Now that looks fabulous!

  • I have been to Flip It. They’re still working out the kinks in the service, but the food is out of this world good. And they’re doing brisk business. There’s a steady stream of all kinds of PW residents coming through Flip It. It’s more like Temperance Hall that way, and unlike Domku that way.

  • I tried it right after it opened and was very disappointed…the pastries and donuts were far too bread-like in consistency. Hopefully they have worked out the kinks in the past few months.

  • I’m not sure what Anonymous’s comment about Domku means.

  • I went there a few weeks back and was very pleased. Yes, there are a few service issues, but the folks there are super nice and try to be accommodating. Everything I bought was delicious and reasonably priced. I’ll definitely go back.

    Markus, I don’t think the bread-like consistency is a “kink” — that is common in Mexican and Central American pastries. You either like it or you don’t.

  • ummmm… bread! donuts… my inner Homer simpson is very happy right now.

  • Well then, 41, Mexican and Central American pastries apparently blow.

    I’ll give Flip It another shot, under my renegade suspicion that people like their donuts and pastries to be fresh, moist, and tender as opposed to hard and dry.

    Viva desserts.

  • Flip It is great! So far, been there twice. The flan is delicious and the portion is HUGE. The tarts are excellent, cakes (peach, strawberry, chocolate!) yummy. I highly recommend folks check it out.

  • I finally got to go myself last week.

    I had what looked like a pastry sandwich…two round pastries with sugar on them and a custard creme in the middle…it was really good!

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